So, I’m not officially a runner, but training to be.

Any tips?


The best thing is just to start spending time doing it. Studies have shown that the physical activity that best replicates running is running.

Spend time running to build your endurance. Vary your pace and distance to build the 3 main physiologies in running - your endurance, your max oxygen consumption, and your lactate threshold.

Vary what you are doing so you don’t get bored. So maybe some short fast runs on some days, and some longer slower runs on other days. Just do whatever you are able to do.

When you are starting out, the most important thing is not distance, but just time spent running. All the metrics of speed and distance come later.

The most important thing is to run several times a week, and build a routine.


I don’t run now, but I ran track (mile) and cross-country all four years of high school. I never kept it up after graduation, I moved onto other activities. Anyway, I learned the hard way to have the proper running shoes. Oh how I remember shin-splints! Very painful. Also, remember to warm up before you begin. I might remember more as I think about it. I don’t want to say how long it has been. LOL


very cool! do you have a race picked out or just running for fun?

get some good running shoes (check out a good running store - one that doesn’t push you to the $180 running shoes) and have at it. and look around running clubs or a training partner. they can keep you motivated and pass on lots of good information about running, the local running scene, and other good stuff

have fun!

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Hi there! I’m just running for health and enjoyment but I did set a personal goal of being able to run a 5k without breaks. I’m just running and not being too hard on myself. I did decide to get a Garmin Forerunner watch since they are really the best tracker for runners.

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What kind did you get?

You can setup your Garmin to automatically upload your workouts to the Garmin site, and then you can always go back and look at what you did on any day.

I got a forerunner 645 music. Originally I had a 235 but it didn’t cover all of the exercises that I do. I was going to get the Vivoactive series but the forerunner are better for running. I sync to the app and that syncs all of my data to the backend. I also got the Garmin scale also so all of my info in consolidated. I’ve done the Fitbit and Withings thing before but I’m liking Garmin better.

I am also a big fan of Garmin!

Which Garmin are you using?

I am using the Forerunner 620. It is not on the higher end of the
Garmin line of watches, but it gives me everything I need.