Rough day

Well woke up at 4 a.m. throwing up. First thought was my blood sugar was high or low because normally I get upset stomach with either. I checked it and it was normal. So then my thoughts turned to it was my medication but can’t say it was cause I hadn’t taken anything since 7 the night before, wasn’t anything I ate as I had dry cheerios last night. So only conclusion to come to was that I am coming down with the flu. Spent 3 hours throwing up, finally calmed down after the pheneragin kicked it. Just checked sugar and it has no spiked, so now I am waiting for a call from my endo to see what to do. I hate the roller coaster ride of ups and downs and never knowing if I am sick cause I am sick or if I am sick cause of the diabetes.

I am sorry you are sick and I so understand your post.

I can relate to your post… since I have diabetes, I cannot understand myself too… sometime I am ok… sometimes I am not, sometimes I got dizzy spells, sometimes i could play badminton with gusto! And still trying to find a job…