Good carb counting guides?

I find most carb counting guides very frustrating to use and often inaccurate too. It is very time consuming to look up food items and combination foods are impossible. Fast food guides and eating out guides are not too bad but for home cooked meals both the books and electronic devices seem really slow to use. Does anyone have a devise or a book they like?

Doing a carb factor when you havn’t calculated your carb corectly is useless and from what I see it often isn’t the insulin dose that is wrong it is a miscalculation of the carb conten of the meal.

I love Calorie and also have a copy of their book for when I cant get to a computer.

I also keep a scale at home and one at the office, and even have one for travel. :slight_smile:

Also, in time you’ll be able to guesstimate pretty well - especially with fruit, I find myself able to eyeball the amount of carbs in peaches and apples pretty well. I also write info directly on some containers - for example, I’m a PB addict, and I know that the PB that I eat is 0.42 carbs per gram. I keep that 0.42 written on all our PB jars (home, work, whatever) so that we don’t have to constantly calculate.

Also, a cheat sheet with info for foods that I commonly eat - I kept one on my Palm and I’m working on getting on into my new phone. :slight_smile: