Good logging app for iPhone

I'd like an app into which I can log events, e.g. if I have a low, it would be nice to be able to enter a brief note about why into an app, so that when I review my data, I can correlate it with such notes. Any suggestions on what to use? I don't want to clog up my regular calendar, but something calendar/chronologically-based would be nice. Suggestions appreciated!

I use the ibg star meter and iphone app. You can create custom tags there for practicaly everything.

Although I’m a newbie I use the Glukoo App. It has scripted statements that you can use to log information. I think its compatible with a variety of meters. Check out the website …

I really love glucose buddy, which is available on Android and IOS (I have the android version, though I do have an ipad air now so I can test out the ios version...). While there's not a lot of note space you could put maybe one word if you could think of one like if you have a hypo due to too much insulin put "too much insulin" or if it's from being too physically active put "physical activity" ? It's really simple and easy to record things on. I use it to log my blood sugar and insulin dose when I go out to eat or when I'm at work, basically whenever I'm away from my computer where I have an microsoft word document with a log going.

I use mySugr- it's fun and I enjoy doing the challenges, especially when we have BigBlueTest. my pcp, who is not as involved with my diabetes care as my endo, likes to look at the analytics when I visit, just to get a general idea about my numbers.

I use this and it works fantastically well. You can keep quite detailed logs in it and my health care team love that I use it since it simplifies things for them as well.

It looks like Glooko (I spent a few minutes fruitlessly searching for Glukoo :) only works if you wirelessly pair your meter with your phone using their dongle, otherwise there's no way to log information, as best I can tell.

Do you like the IBGStar meter? Do you have an old iPhone or are you using it connected through a Lightning adapter?

Looks great, and the Notes field expands so it seems to accommodate a rather long note if needed. I'll try this one out.

MySugr looks promising also, trying that as well. Appreciate all the feedback!

Just so you know, while the free version is very full featured, the ability to save as a .pdf and email logs is reserved for the full version which costs $20 US.
I will say though that with how smooth the interface is and how easy it is to use and see your results, it is money well spent.