What Blood Glucose App do you use?

I’m looking to start logging my blood glucose readings for my endo on a app that I can email to her weekly. I know some of you must use one and am wondering what’s out there. I have tried a couple different ones. I like Glucose buddy for it’s simplicity, but it’s limited on the chart layout. And some are just to complex with way to much junk to enter ie food, water, exercise, insulin, ect. Mainly just looking for blood glucose logging only. And not looking to pay for one either. I’m using Android also. So what’s everyone using?

Think I found a good one. On track diabetes. Pretty simple. I’m gonna give it a shot. Still interested in what others are using.

There's a mysugr app that I've seen and downloaded that looks interesting. I have only used it briefly as I *loathe* logging and rely on my pump/ CGM to keep track of stuff for me. That has worked well enough. I am using "Lose It!" a food app, in an effort to shave off a few lbs by tracking macronutrient ratios and to yell at me if I think about pigging out. It seems to work very well. I like it better than myfitnesspal for a food app as the increments work better. They have a pay version for like $2.99 or something that purports to offer BG logging however I am too cheap to buy it. And loathe logging.

The meter I am currently using is a One Touch Verio Sync, so I use the One Touch Reveal app, which receives the results from my meter via Bluetooth and logs them automatically for me.

However, I do not send blood glucose values to my doctor from that app, but only because I have a pump/CGM combo and send the data stored in that device to my doctor.

GLOOKO is great in that it syncs with most popular meters, and has a decent food diary that counts carbs. Best feature: in app fax’ing reports! Joselin now uses GLOOKO.
My only issue is that they haven’t got Omnipod on there yet. (Supposedly they’re working on it)

I use BlueLoop from MyCareConnect. Interface is friendly but the major benefit to me is that it automatically alerts my wife that I have tested and what the value was. Does the alert by both text and email and is configurable. Gives both of us peace of mind.

Here's Glucose Buddy
I've been using MySugr for about 5 months, I find it really easy to use, and it's kind of fun too. they also have a MySugr junior version for you and your kid(s) to keep track of bgs.

I have developed most Apps for the Glucosurfer.org project. This App calculates the Insulin on Board like most modern pumps do. Bolus calculator or the documentation of the menstrual cycle are also included. You can use it in full anonymity and it is free - just financed by donations. The strong part of the project is in the Analysis and Sharing capabilities.