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Ok so ive been having abit of a rough time with the whole diabetes recently so thought i would share my story with you guys too get it off my chest..
on febuary 8th i went into hospital with high blood sugars and very high key tones.. i didn't come out of hospital until febuary 10th. I suppose you want to know why, well it was my 3rd year anniversary on febuary 13th and i was getting abit angry at the whole doing the injections routine and it making me gain a lot of weight so febuary 7th i didn't have any and prior to this date i was missing the odd one, which obviously isn't good! I did this in a hope to loose weight, luckily i caught what is known as diabulimia, quick so it wasn't as bad as some cases, back to the story, so i was off school Wednesday morning and took a turn for the worst as i went very ill and didn't have any energy for anything.. i absolutely hated feeling the way i did on that day and i will never put myself if that position again.
However, over the past week or so since ive been out of the hospital i have done every single injection and feel a lot lot better although there is one downside, because my body isn't used to the low blood sugars i keep feeling low even if my blood sugar is about 4 which isn't good and i dont like having low either. Although i am getting over this rough patch of my life, i still have a very long time to go and a longer life of diabetes ahead of me and i just dont think i will be able to cope, luckily enough i have amazing friends and family that fully support me and i will try and support other people if i can!

Im not exactly the best role model but i still hope to be a diabetes nurse when im older so i can look back at these experiences and help people to avoid feeling the way i did in the future.

Feel free to ask me any questions
Love, Mols xoxox

I'm glad you're out of the hospital. Withholding insulin is daft (you know that now, right?) There are T1's who manage to maintain a healthy weight without resorting to diabulimia. It seems to be all about eating fewer carbs (so you'll need less insulin to cover food), cutting back a bit on calories and getting more exercise. There's a saying in South Africa that I like, "Slowly, slowly catch a monkey." You can't just GRAB at weight loss and stay healthy. You have to slowly, slowly sneak up on it. ;0)

Just make modest changes for now: One slice of bread instead of two. A cucumber and tomato salad with vinaigrette dressing instead of potato salad or pasta salad. Walk for part of the way instead of driving or taking the bus all the way. Having a glass of water with lunch instead of a caloric beverage. Serve your chicken and red sauce over steamed broccoli instead of pasta. If you chip away at the carbs and calories while slowly adding more exercise, you can slowly lose weight without having to visit the nice folks at the hospital, right!?!

I recently cut a lot of carbs out of my diet and I'm losing weight quickly without having to artificially run myself high by withholding insulin. You can lose weight while normalizing you average glucose. I know this because I'm doing it right now. Take care!!!

yeah, ive alwasy wanted to be a diabetes nurse before i was diagnosed! and im kinda getting used to it now, still dont like it but i dont know anbody that does, thankyou!

thank you for your advise, i will have a go at it and hopefully not cock it all up! what your saying makes a lot of sense and is all true, ille let you know how im getting on in a little while! :)
Thank you for the advice! :) take care!