Good news!

As Some of you know, I have been on a search for a DAD. I did my research, I talked to many people, trainers, dog owners, diabetics with service dogs.... it has been almost a year and I was about ready to pull my hair out. I live in Canada, and here, if you qualify for a service dog, one will be provided for you. I was about to send off my application when I got a call from the service dog breeders in Toronto. They informed me that although I would have been a likely candidate, they do not train service dogs for diabetic alert at this time. So after a long disappointing search, I decided that I will take matters in my own hands. Buy my own dog. Find a way to train it, and see how that works out.
I am a german shepherd fan, have been all my life but I realized that if I was passed out somewhere, chances are the dog would naturally go into protection mode, and hinder any assistance someone may give me. Even if it was the friendliest dog in the world, they are intimidating to some people. So I decided I would go for the labs that many people use for service dogs. It just so happened that there is a breeder right here where I live that raises lab puppies in a responsible and mindful way. I called her and discussed what my needs are and she was expecting a litter right away that she felt would produce what I am looking for.
Once the puppies were born, I visited them each week and narrowed down the choice between 3 black males. So adorable!! I met the mother and the father of the puppies and the mother was exactly the temperment I was looking for and the father was so handsome and playful!
I put a deposit down and even picked out a name, counted the number of sleeps until I could bring him home, took lots of pictures each week.. I was sooo excited!!!
Last week was the time the breeder was doing the puppy matching to the potential owners, as they are now old enough to see what their temperment will likely entail. Thats when I got the bad news... she told me that although she was expecting a certain temperment from this litter, they turned out to be not suitable for what I need.
I am very grateful that she didnt just give me the puppy only to have me find out later it wasnt going to work. I am sure I would have loved it anyway, but I would be stuck with a dog that wasnt going to be a service dog and that is not my goal. I appreciated her honesty.
In the meantime my parents adopted a mixed up mutt from the spca and had asked me if I could possibly train her, when they first got her I didnt think she would be suitable, and quite frankly still have my doubts but I have spent a lot of time with her and have created a bond. A few weeks ago, a family friend was offering me a purebred german shepherd for free... again not what I was looking for, and as tempting as it was because he sure is adorable, I declined. My parents took him instead. My dad now had his hands full with 3 dogs... and not enjoying it very much so they had decided to give the spca adopted dog to a family friend. I was crying for 3 days because I really loved this dog and would miss her so much. I would often take her to stay with me to keep me company while waiting for my new puppy.
So 2 days before they were going to offer her to the family friend, I got the call about the puppy.( no puppy for me :( )
I immediately called my parents and asked if I could have her under the new circumstances.
Asha, now my service dog in permanantly in my custody and we begin our training this sunday.
I dont know if she will work out for me in that capacity, but I love her and we are gonna give it a shot. I also found a service dog trainer in the US that will train me to train her via video lessons. Wish us luck!!!

You can find us on facebook chronicalling our journey together under
Asha Diabetic alert dog in training.![|640x328](upload://6Zc53aiaEXcFLNK62mtC7Tm299q.jpeg)

Yay good for you, Asha is beautiful. My mutt Cosmo is very intuitive and while he isn't a "trained service dog" he keeps me company and gets very clingy if I am low. So he is an early warning system I guess.

Mixed breed dogs are sometimes the most intelligent. I heard said it's because there is often a lot of in-breeding in pure breeds especially by less reputible breeders.

Asha looks to be very intelligent. She has very intense gaze and appears to be very focused. That's a quality I think will be necessary for a service dog.

She is a beautiful dog, I hope she lives up to your expectations.


I've had some scary lows, and would love a service dog too. I've never looked into it too seriously, but glad to see someone who has. I hope this dog works out for you :)

Asha has that Border Collie look -- well, from photos anyway. Best luck in the training, obviously you have your companion dog.

I love that you are doing this. Please keep us posted on Asha's progress.