Diabetes Alert dog-Brody! Welcome to the family!

So as much as I loved the CGMS I found that during the night it would have a lot of false readings and therefore I became immune to the sensor alerts.
With three precious children all under the age of 5, and my husband deployed for over a year, I decided that if anything were to happen to me I would never forgive myself (if that kids had to find me unconscious (or worse) So, right after I miscarried I met with some trainers out of PA that train service dogs. They are an amazing organization that have helped a great many children and adults with various physical disabilities. They also have had fabulous success training “alert” dogs for diabetics. Now they can never be 100 per cent sure that a dog will alert, but they have not been wrong yet. The organization is called Amazing Tails out of Oxford, Pa, and I just spent 10 days with them training with Brody who is the newest member of our family. Many people think I am crazy or just don’t understand why I would need a dog, but those of you who have experienced wild bloodsugar swings bottoming out and almost not waking up undertstand. Add three kids to the mix and I think that this is the best choice for me right now. The first week home with him he jumped up on the bed at 3am and “alerted” me to a 47 bloodsugar that I may have slept through. The cost of the dog certainly is a factor for some, but they allow fundraising and are super with helping you in anyway they can.
I feel such a sense of relief just knowing that Brody is with me at all times if something should happen. HE is a beautiful golden retriever and I am so blessed.
I am just amazed at what these dogs can do and how much Brody has already helped me! Everyone welcome Brody to the family:) I will post pictures soon!

WELCOME. Brody : you do good to your mom …
A kiss on your fore head from me :slight_smile:

What a wonderful story. Who could think that Brody would not be a great addition to your family? Have you seen him react to high bloodsugar as well? I would love to have an alert dog if I ever lose my awareness. Thank your husband for us and my thoughts will be with you and your family.

Great news Rachel! I’m so glad that Brody has joined your family. I guess the kids love him too!!

These dogs really do work. I have seen it with my own eyes many times. It is wondrous each time. I know many times I see the cost holding people back, that always surprises me. We spend WAY more on cars, vacations even entertainments systems. What price can you put on an enhanced life, or even a life. I personally know of 3 people whose lives could have been saved by one of these dogs. They are not 100% but then neither is my CGM… I’ll take whatever help I can get…!!!