Goodbye to Sharon

It’s a sad day today… My aunt Sharon died in a distant hospital in the UK of an agressive form of Cancer. Sharon wasn’t my blood relation… she married my uncle, but we were like sisters because I knew her when she was in school with me… She was only just over a year and a half older than I am… She was 52 on New Years Day. So she was more than an aunt to me… she was a friend. The Cancer took her in just over 10 weeks from diagnosis.

It makes me think how much we take our health for advantage… Sharon had also been a diabetic for many years before hand and really hadn’t had much help in keeping it under control. The education they give you in the UK is minimal from the education given here in the USA.

In my experience of living in the UK, if you’re not pro-active about learning things about your diabetes and pushing medical staff into helping you get what information you want, you don’t know how to work with it. If you don’t push for info you’re almost on your own. I can only speak for my own experience though and what I know of hers, can’t speak for the experiences of others. I think it depends on how well informed your doctors are and how well they treat their patients.

Sharon however, doesn’t leave us in vain though… for me and for her I am determined to do all I can to keep a tight reign on this Diabetes and to work to stay healthy for as long as I possibly can. I want to be around for a long time.

So my motto is, hug those around you today and tell them how much you love them… then get with the program and look after yourself… be good to you!

So thank you Sharon for reminding me to be more proactive about my health. I love you… I will stay well for you and for me…
Goodbye my sister/my friend/my Aunt, my inspiration. xxxx

My sympathies for the loss of Sharon. I’m glad her legacy will be a positive for you, and hopefully others!

Thank you Cara… I feel a little lost and very saddened because I couldn’t be with her to say goodbye. I also feel deeply for my uncle too, who is completely devastated and doesn’t know where to turn. They had been married for 32 years and were totally devoted to each other.

Thank you for your kind words. xx

So sorry for your loss, we’ve had many loses in our family over the past 2 years, it hurts.

I am glad you have such wonderful memories and a sad, but positive rememberance of her, she’ll live in your heart and memory forever, I know my Mom and my mother in law do. . .

I’m so sorry for your loss. My mom died 2 years ago and I still miss her so much.

Thank you for your kind words Jacky and Kathyann. xx God bless you all. xx

I am so sorry for your loss. It is very hard, I know. She lives in your heart and soul forever. To live each day and love those in your life and maybe reach out to those you dont know is what it is all about…and love and take care of ourselves. You are special to many the same way Sharon was to you. I have my Mom and Brother in my heart and memories, and call on them often. Take care xo

Thanks Robyn… I was remembering all the good things about Sharon yesterday evening… the things that we laughed over together, which only made me cry all the more, but it was also comforting to think about. Sharon was a bubbly, warm giving person who would put herself out to help anyone, even if she didn’t know them. These are the memories about her that I’m storing in my heart… I know she wasn’t as close in a blood related way, but she brought love to every life she touched.

My outlook on life is: Life is like a train journey, people get on and off the train along your journey and each one touches your life in different, sometimes special ways. Because of this we grow and change. We all have our own route to travel and we keep on going and sharing parts of journey’s until we reach our own special destination.

Then we’re home! xx God bless. xx