Google Blood Sugar Readings Spreadsheet -- Now Available!

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I recently was contacted by a Google product manager regarding my Blood Sugar Readings Spreadsheet. I had posted the instructions, on how to use it, on my web site

Anyway, the Google product manager wanted to help me refine the spreadsheet. We now have a finished product with instructions on the 2nd page of the spreadsheet. If you'd ilke to take a look at it, or even use it, here' s the link:

I'm very pleased with what we came up with and it. Easy to share online with your care providers, friends or family members.


When I click on it, it comes up “view only” and won’t let me enter data. I went to Google docs but didn’t see where I could change this. Any clue anyone?

Hi, Jenny,
Thanks for asking this question. Go to "File"tab and click on “copy this spreadsheet”. Then, you’ll have your own copy of the BSR spreadsheet! I added that to the instruction sheet.

Please let me know, if you have any other questions.

I love your spreadsheet Sherrie! This exactly what I'm looking for, it's so easy to use. I've my BGs in my planner and I can just transfer them to this spreadsheet lightining quick, with no necessary conversions or adjustments to the spreadsheets.

You did a great job creating it!