Recording Glucose Readings

Here is Self-forgiveness on Recording the sugar readings and some realizations and insights within the Self Forgiveness

Hi Paul , do you upload any information at all from your meter ( s ) ? I am a Medtronic pumper and love the Carelink uploads and so does my CDE Pump Nurse .

I do not upload any data, all that is stored on my meter is the glucose readings and the time I did them which is easy enough to keystroke into a chart. Plus with the chart I am able to add any other relevant info regarding the insulin dosage and the sugar level

Paul . you are much more computer savvy than this old gal :) ...however I don't have to keep to many written records ...just a few visuals ...good or bad , who knows ,too many , too few ??? So far so good at 30 years with diabetes in 2013

PS I know it's darn complicated !

I'm with Nel. Diabetes is enough of a chore that I loathe adding the chore of writing stuff down. I've logged one month since 1984, to get a pump in 2008 which, of course, logs everything and even more with the CGM...

Yeah, I don't write anything down either. Funny, I logged a lot after first being diagnosed because I thought that having your A1c checked meant they added up all your numbers and found the average. Kids are so silly! Now I couldn't be caught with a log book in any situation. My doctor just downloads my pump and cgm whenever I go into the office.

Even though I have been diabetic for about 10 years now I just can't seem to get the diet down. I am not computer savy and I have even been sent to a diabetic teacher and still don't completely understand what I am doing. Because I also have had a 5 way bypass and stents I worry about my heart. If anyone would be willing or knows of a book or computer site that might get me going in the right direction I would be oh so grateful. I read some of your other members fears and now I am really scared. I don't want amputations, dialias, blindness, etc. Everyone just seems so smart at this I really struggle. Again, if anyone knows of a way to learn how to control type II diabetes in a women who is old and I sure don't get the exercise I need to. Thanks so much. roberta

The best books I've read are Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner and Using Insulin by John Walsh, if you are using insulin, which it looks like you are on your profile? I'm not sure about sources for T2 but I know there are some out there. Testing is very important and, while I don't write anything down, my insulin pump keeps track of everything and does a very useful job synthesizing the data. I had a One Touch Ultra Smart meter that did many of the same things, compiling data into reports on the computer but it feel out of the pouch on my bike.

I would suggest to move past the fear and start to do exercises that strengthen the heart - direct yourself in what is the best for yourself as life. Obviously do not push yourself past your limits to sabotage or compromise. I worry about my heart as well - I have periodic pains that don't last long, but even this gets me worried because of what I've been told about diabetics and weak hearts. It is because of the fear of dying that we all share - but why live in that fear - why allow it to stop us from living here within the time that we have and giving ourselves the best life possible? Investigate heart strengthening exercises