Hey Guys, this is a social network for teen diabetics:)

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Hello Jordan, I am a 90 year,young, old geezer, and I was talking with my friend,BOB BANTING, a reative of FREDERICK BANTING, co -discoverer,of INSULIN, with CHARLES BEST, here, in Toronto, JULY 30 1921. He mentioned that there was a lack of information about diabetes awareness in teens and young adults. I am learning how to solve the tricks of the trade in computers… As a member of TuDiabetes, and surfing the net, I can across your website telling about diabetic dancers. Immediately, my mind working like a steel trap, found a solution to an idea to celebrate, NOVEMBER 14, the birthdate of BANTING.UNITED NATIONS has declared this asWORLD DIABETES DAY. why cant your group have a DANCE FOR DIABETES, and raise funds to RESTORE THE BANTING HOMESTEAD, and turn it into a camp for diabetes children. Contact;BOB BANTING, 905-843-6297, TOGETHER we can make it happen. MARTIN LUTHER KING said IF YOU BELEIVE, YOU WILL ACHIEVE… Think in terms of GLOBAL DANCE FOR DIABETES, YOUTHS AND SENIORS,complimenting each other can do the impossible. Keep in touch

I’m planning on throwing a fundraiser at the end of next summer, and raise money for JDRF, maybe we could donate to the Camp idea, im hoping if it works out, we can make it an annual thing:) lol

Thanks for your information and answer, Yes this could be an annual event.When I am talking with people to get involved, I hope the person is aperson with diabetes or part of a diabetic family. This way they will be more receptive to suggestions. We must let people know DONT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWERS OF A DIABETIC. Have you heard about the Canadian diabetic that conquered MT EVERETT, in MAY 2008. What an inspiration. his name is SABASTIEN SASSEVILLE, fron Montreal, his e-mail is He is available for speaking.For next year think in terms of having a picnic for diabetics on JULY 30, We declared this day as INTERNATIONAL INSULIN DAY,annually. This when DRS.BANTING & BEST,discovered INSULIN, JULY 30 1921, It has been a pleasure and keep in touch, exciting things are going to diabetes awareness projects, like selling BLUE ROSES to RESTORE THE BANTING HOMESTEAD.