With a Little Help from our Friends... Banting Google Doodle Petition

With a little help from our friends, also known as YOU, our petition to urge Google to create a Google-Doodle in honor of Sir Frederick Banting has reached 4,500 signatures! What an incredible feat!

To pay tribute to you, members of the powerful Diabetes Online Community (DOC), we are posting the names of those 4,500 individuals who took a minute out of their day to help promote diabetes awareness.

Of the 366 million people with diabetes in the world, almost 100 million depend on insulin to live. Sir Frederick Banting is one of the main discoverers of insulin, and thus a reason why those 100 million individuals with diabetes have survived.

November 14 is Banting’s birthday. His discovery was so significant that November 14th has been designated as World Diabetes Day by the United Nations.

If you haven’t already, let us honor you. Join Diabetes Hands Foundation in requesting that Google create a doodle to honor this great man, to whom people who inject insulin owe so much, by completing and sharing this petition.