Got a craving

It is almost time for bed and I am hungry. There is a Krispy Kreme donut calling out to me in the kitchen.

What do you do when you have a craving that just wont go away? It is too late to take a walk around the block and I am afraid that I will be up all night thinking about it.

I have been doing so well with my weight loss recently I don’t want to mess it up. I guess that is reason enough. Any ideas? What do you do?


OMG, if we add an “ON” to your name, you could be me!!! My name is Cathy Jacobs(on). Anyway, it’s not easy, but after 70lbs+ loss, I have learned to just “step away from the donut, mam’” I can’t always do it, sometimes it seems like never, but it’s not really worth it…do you have snacks in the house that will suffice, I know that’s a funny question, nothing seems to do it unless it’s the thing you want. In losing the weight, I also learned that a small bite of something might be enough, but this isn’t dieting, this is blood sugars. I keep lots of sf gum, toothpaste, and acceptable snacks for times like those. I tell myself, that I can have a small bite, cut the bite off and put the rest in the back of the freezer, and then set the timer for 45 mins. Put a piece of gum or lemon drop in my mouth (sugar free of course) and make myself get busy, NOT WHERE THE FOOD IS. Sometimes at night I will set the music on, get in the shower, and either soak or give myself a spa treatment…the whole works…by the time the timer goes off, I’ve usually forgotten about the bite, and gone to bed. But making yourself busy and self talk works for me…good luck…can I ask WHY??? is there a krispee cream in your house in the first place?

That is so weird - our names are similar & we have diabetes. Thanks for responding and giving me the idea of taking a soak in the tub or a spa treatment. That is an idea that I haven’t thought of. I also need to get some gum and try that. I do have a few 100 calorie granola bars that I keep around to snack on. I don’t usually eat them but once in a while if I need something I will. One of my other problems is that I work at a storage facility and my apartment is connected to the office. I am always around the kitchen and it is so difficult to work and live at the same place.

I have lost just over 80 lbs too! I did it with help though. I use symlin to help me eat less & stay full. I also work out at Planet Fitness 6 days a week. What did you do to lose the weight? I get very upset with myself if I eat a bit too much or have something I shouldnt because that is just more calories that I have to burn off on the eliptical machine. And even though I go to the gym lots I really don’t like it that much. It does stabilize my sugar and help with the weight loss.

I bought Krispy Kreme donuts for my nephews fund raiser and froze them. My husband has been eating them but I saw one of them and thought I would eat it. I didn’t though. I thought about how hard that I have worked and didn’t want to mess up my weight. I think he is on the last one and then they will be GONE!!!

Plus, next week I am going on vacation with my mom and sister and even though they are both health nuts I am sure we will go for a nice dinner and then the diet will be blown. My sister is in the USMC and works out every day and I will go with her to the gym & that will help.

Thanks for the ideas. Have a wonderful evening!


Hey, I'm new to this group... and delighted to find it ( no pun intended), I worked with a dietitian yesterday.... who thinks the secret to my bs roller coaster is consistent carbs not low carbs. She wants me to have 30 at each meal and 15 at 2 snacks. I'm on a pump so this makes no sense to me. My weight has creeped up about 15 pounds in the last year since I took a desk job ( RN) and I'm not happy about it.

Any suggestions? I think she is crazy... that lower carb would be better... and except for those momments when I can't control what's going in my mouth ( my husband just started baking breadk wth is he thinking?) I like low carb. For me that's meat, veg, and some fruit.


Hi Carolyn,

Oh Dieticians are great. I am glad that I get to see mine once a year.

I am on a pump, that I love, as well. I have 40 carbs each meal and 15 for snacks. Also, because I am a new runner I was told that I need more carbs to fuel my body. I burn them off when I am running. The dietician did say that carbs do pack on the pounds so we have to be really careful what we eat.

I do love carbs though. Oh...fresh made bread. Hope that you didn't go crazy like I would have. I do have a hand to mouth eating problem. And portion control.

For you thought low carb sounds better but I guess the dietician is the one in the know...except we know our body.

I wish you the best of luck.

But I have gotten into running and just finished a 5K race last week. I am working on a 1/2 a marathon in October.

Well my whole point of working with the dietician is to lose some weight. I'm very skeptical...

I can undertand the frustration. Not what you expected. Are you going to try low carbs instead?

Cravings -- don't we all get them!

Some things I do . . .

I write down everything in a journal -- cravings mean I have to write down the food and having to admit in writing sometimes keeps me out of trouble.
I have an activity list of things to do -- take a nap, read a book, crochet/hands busy, write a letter, grade papers, go online to find a new recipe, go look up the calories and carbs of whatever I'm thinking about, clean something, do your nails (then you can't touch anything for awhile)
I make lists of things that will be better when I lose weight like what size I'm shooting for next, next weight goal, next blood work goal (stay at 5.2 A1C) -- things I will do to reward myself - buy a new scarf, buy a new book, extra trip to the library, go to my favorite salad bar.
I do have foods I can have. I am a low carb/ no carb diet. Its the best. I can have SF popsicles (freezer), I can have SF jello (cold), I can have celery (crunch). I can have hot tea (warm me up). I also have protein drinks available, too. On a low carb diet I am seldom hungry. But old habits (reaching for things when you are bored) are hard to ignore and sometimes you get it into your head you want a certain taste. That's when I do try the just-one-bite theory and sometimes it does work. I also have a seed mix (sunflower seeds/edame /soy beans all unsalted) that I snack on 1/4 cup at a time. I do ask myself what am I hungry for . . .

Hope this helps and gives some suggestions. I am on a Mediterranean Diet with a low carb/no carb goal. I do moderate exercise (3x week at the Y) and I have just lost 106 pounds over the last 8 months. Trust me, I so get cravings. One last thing I had to get over - when you do slip and take a bite, I used to say what the heck, I blew it I might as well eat whatever I want the rest of the night. I remind myself that if someone gets a flat tire on a trip, they don't turn their car around and go home. Change the tire and keep moving forward!

Good Luck!

Thanks Marcia for the great ideas. Congratulations on your weight loss. That is amazing. Keep up the great work. I always had good luck with low carbs but now I am running signs need the fuel. Just have to pick the right ones. Best wishes to you.