The Sugar Wars!

I have always known that my food weakness is anything sweet. I am coming to realize that this is going to be my hardest struggle in my journey to a healthier me. I did soooooo good throughout the day yesterday and today. Well last night I was at a quilting all nighter and there was a box of cream puffs that would not leave me alone. They were downright malicious in the way that I was unable to focus on anything else for longer than a few minutes. I would focus on what I was making and then visions of cream puffs would start jumping around in my head. For those of you who are starting to worry I swear I am not insane. No I do not hear voices in my head! I just have a seriouse sugar addiction. Well I did not win the war of the cream puff last night. I justified that loss with the fact that at least they were the tiny little mini puffs. Tonights war will be titled the pumpkin pie wars! I lasted about an hour and a half and then finally gave in. I did have a small victory though since I only had a half a slice instead of eating what was left of the pie. Believe me I was very tempted to attack that pie with a fork! I know it seems kind of silly to be so fixated on sugar. I really have to stop and laugh at myself because I can remember the near past when I would have had half that pie and most of the box of cream puffs. The thing that makes me laugh is that when I really think about it I am actually doing really good on my sugar intake. I probably eat about 60-70% less sweets than I used to. I just feel like untill my bg's are in a normal range that I dont need to be eating any sugar. OH well I must go and continue the struggle! I think there are some poptarts in the pantry that need to be ignored..........

ah i feel your pain. it’s tough. for me having diabetes has created a sort of obsession with sugar–the not having of it is like torture sometimes but when i indulge it is sometimes in excess.

A “quilting allnighter” – was this a group thing, or just you at home stitching? My mom was the quilter, but I do all other things with “needle with an eye” as well as knitting. Keeping my hands busy is a good way to keep them out of the sugar treats. But, you are right, when you have been addicted to it for so long, it is very hard to ignore. And for me, a box of good crackers is as big a temptation as a box of cookies, maybe more so. If I am going to indulge, I try to be sure I add a protein with it (nuts, cheese, peanutbutter). I don’t know if this is the best way to handle it, but at least it avoids the excess indulgence. (Some of my stitching is on my blog: )

This is a huge problem for me…I can deny myself sugary treats for the most part, or limit them to tiny tastes, but when I do want to indulge, the tall glass of milk with it is as much a part of the enjoyment to me as the baked goodies, themselves. However, dairy products are the WORST for my BS, so I really cant enjoy the treat as much as I want to unless I am completely irresponsible. I can dose my insulin for the treat…the milk, even skim, takes my BS sky high and keeps it there. Whine Whine.

haha the cream puffs! I think I get it now =)

We all have our “cream puffs.” Maybe it is more accurate to say our, “cream puff days!” Mine might be margaritas…double trouble.