Got asked to do a contest for school

This is so cool. I am in the mentoring program for school and they are having a contest and it is by invite only. My coach asked me to make a 2 minute video for students who will be joining this program in the future. It is supposed to be about how the program has helped me, but he asked me to do it about the obstacles I have had to overcome and be an inspiration to other students, showing them if they persevere that they do can achieve what I have achieved. My coach is always telling me that I am inspiration to him and how I am always positive and upbeat about everything for the most part and have a great outlook on life. If I am in the top 3 that are chosen I will get an all expense paid trip to Portland, OR to present my story to the whole company as well as a $300 gift card. Wish me luck.

Good luck. I think your coach made the right choice.

Thanks guys. The video has to be posted on youtube so this week when I get it done I will also post it on here as well. I have a week to figure out exactly what I want to say and how I want to do this. And Hannah if I come to Portland I will definetly let you know. I know the date of the presentation is April 13.

Make sure you share it here too:)