Now this is Interesting!

OK, see my discussion on expiring pump warranty.
Today I got a call from doctor’s office.
Animas and doctor want one on one appointments with Animas pumpers to check on their pumps.
I said sure, and while I was on the phone I told the poor girl (who cant do much) about how I cannot really afford to buy a new pump when my warranty goes kerphlooey in August.
Anyone else get invited to meetings like this? Is this new, or maybe local?
You can bet I will fight for patients to be able to afford pumps in working order!
I’ll throw in a good word for CGMS also, because my HMO doesnt like paying for them.
I dont want one, but people ought to be able to get one.

Just curious as to whether you (or your insurance company) or Animas is going to cover the cost of the visit.

Hmm, they didnt mention any copay being due at all.
I might just call and ask huh? But it might be worth it just to get some real discussion going.
I think it was by invitation, so I suspect it is not an actual appointment.

Boy, appointment or not, they asked you to come in. I would certainly hope there isn’t any charge at all. After all, you evidently have information that they want or need. Good luck.

Was it just a front office person who called? This is weird. Was that the actual wording they used “to check on their pumps”? And they said they want these appointments for ALL patients on an Animas pump? The actual Animas rep is involved? I would like to hear what this is about if/when you get clarification.

Laura, where are you located?

Her profile page states Albuquerque, NM.

Yep. Not a national HMO, just state wide.
My hubby thinks they are just focusing on a campaign to make sure diabetics are taking care of themselves.
I think animas doesnt have the greatest acceptance at my doctor’s.
I think they are pro MM.
I will be happy to promote them, always have, but if they help take care of me! :wink:

Must be local b/c I was on the phone with them the other day having my pump exchanged and they didn’t say anything like that. Plus I’m between Endo’s anyway till I find me a good one. :o) Let us know what they say at the appoinment.

I promise to report back in May!

OK, I just had to call to find out what is going on.
The Endo’s office says the rep will be in the appointment, downloading new software for the pump and answering any questions I might have. It is considered a regular visit with copay needing to be paid. OK by me, I was due for a visit anyway.
You can betcha I am going to ask them to help me fund a refurbished pump or something. Otherwise they are downloading an upgrade on a pump which is going out of warranty in two months.

…And now I suspect they are trying to get the Endo to use the new software (Diasend ).
I suspect that is the whole intent of the meeting, but I still plan to discuss how to get financial assistance for my pump!

Let me know what comes out of that. Mine is going out of waranty next month and I was told by Animas that my insurance (Aetna) will only cover a new one if this one is defect. Problem is that I just sent my defect one back and got a refurb. :o( Wasn’t thinking clearly when I did this.

Sandy, come to think of it, they may have said that to me as well.
And they were trying to suggest I send it in and get another refurbished, because my OK button is faded out.
So you have a point. Holding on to this one, makes more sense as it may look more necessary to my insurance company.
I am still not happy with the fact that they feel the only option is to keep using this until it dies, accept a loaner from them and either buy brand new or pay for the loaner (I think someone said 500$).
Much as I didnt care for MM, at least they are offering me $500 to trade something in, and I have two old pumps I could easily trade in beside the ping.
We’ll see. I know the meeting is all about the new software, so they can help you communicate with the endo.
And frankly if they have no options for me, I dont know that I will even let them hook it up.
why bother?

So do you have insurance? If yes I’d hold on to the one with the defective button but if not I would def exchange it.

Yep, but my copay is fifty percent.
I paid about $2500 for my Cozmo four years ago (August) and $200 to trade it for the Animas.

Then I would trade it out. That said you would get one just like you did when you changed over from the Cozmo b/c refurbished is all you ever get unless you buy them new / insurance first time. That way atleast you “should” get one that just went through inspections and all that whoo ha. Even though I may have gotten one through if I had kept the other now I know if I do not atleast I have a new one (with some old parts) ha ha

Do they send you another refurb?
They dont repair the first one and send it back right?
I may just do that.
Get a newer refurb, and then let MM give me a quote in August.

If I was in your shoes I’d also get the newer refurbished pump while you’re still in warranty. With a newer refurbished pump you’d have a better chance of it lasting longer if you decide to keep it out of warranty as long as possible. Ouch on the 50% copay.

I used Minimed pumps for 8 years prior to switching to Animas and their policies for out of warranty pumps were exactly the same as what you say Animas is offering (ie use out of warranty, and if it dies can get a loaner pump for 90 days. No option of extended warranty or special discounts for returning customers other than the usual trade in value of an old pump.) And actually Animas offered me a much better trade in discount for my old pump too. I got a $700 credit for trading in my old pump from Animas whereas Minimed only offered me $500. This was just last April. So I’m not sure that you’d be ahead anything financially by switching back to Minimed.

The thing that I found out also was that while your pump is still in warranty there’s a huge limit on what the pump companies will tell you. Both Animas and Minimed pretty much stuck to vague general terms about what might happen and general policy info etc. But once I was out of warranty and they could actually contact my insurance to see what my actual benefits were I got more specific answers as far as the final cost.

My rep is looking into matters.
No one offered me anything from Animas for my Animas 1250.
maybe if it got that far they would???
My Cozmo did cost $2500 when all was said and done.
Yes, ouch.