Gout not goat

The doctor gave me a good going over during my six monthly check up blood pressure still a bit low lots of questions about being depressed favourable review of diabetes progress down to 7.1 over the last three monthly check up weight coming off if I did not have a heart problem guess i would be over the moon, but with all good news comes not so good news the doctor confirmed the problem with my knees and feet is due to gout not goat those have two horns mind you the last attack of gout I thought the fella from below was sitting on my knee I could not even get out of bed for a week.

Having to walk from the bus stop to the doctors and back really cream crackered me out, Sheila offered to drive me but I felt OK when I got up should have taken the ride had to use my spray to help my breathing only just recovered and been back home three hours,

There was an observer in the doctors room probably a trainee doctor and my doctor explained what I had what was prescribed so two heads are always better than one instead of the usual fifteen minute consultation it took 46 minutes this morning the doctor prescribed new pills for the gout and changed the pills for the prostrate problem so new stuff for my body to get use to, that will make 14 pills a day I have to swallow some mouthful

You have to be positive otherwise you would go bananas I have managed to survive sixty three years the last 15 have been rough and at times unbearable but I ask the universe each day to let me be healthy wealthy and wise still waiting for the knock on the door in case the men in white overalls come to take me away

gout is not nice at all. ive had it since i was 18 thats 20 yrs ago now. as soon as i feel the tingle i grab the meds. most times i can catch it but sometimes it beats me. like you ive got it in both my knees and ankles some toes. now im a diabetic it mucks up my bg as well. hows yours?