I've been on a bit of a hiatus from the D community and kind of from my D condition...

But I'm back.. at least a bit. I think talking here and reading here helps keep me committed to tracking my diabetes and making changes.

I've finally graduated, for what it's worth: I'm a Dr. now! Which is very frightening in and of itself. I am having a difficult time finding jobs, as I do not want to leave my family or my boyfriend right now (mostly because of the diabetes, if truth be told). And both are in the same area as the vet school, which complicates things a lot. I'm currently looking for relief work in the area or looking further out for jobs if for nothing more than the interview experience. I really think I'll find SOMEthing, even if it is part time. I am SO excited about getting a pump; but I feel like I need to make sure I have a job first.



Congratulations Doc! I know what you mean about living by a vet school as we lived in Champaign/ Urbana, IL where they have a big school and notta lotta jobs around.

Congratulations on the graduation. Hope you find some work soon.

Congratulations, enjoy the moment! you've achieved your goal of graduation; a job and a pump will follow.

Congrats Dr. Palomino! :) What an achievement! The job will come; be patient and take a few deep breaths. When I graduated from grad school, the hardest thing for me was to learn how to relax and actually enjoy having a little free time. My brain was so programmed of having lists of things I should be doing or studying for, that I had to make myself stop and don't have to study every day anymore! Enjoy!!

Congrats, Doc !!! You deserve a lot of credit. I know becoming a Vet is even more difficult than becoming an MD. I am sure you will find a job shortly, you are very determined. Best of Luck !! Cat =^..^=

Congrats. Now you can do some real damage.

Thanks everyone!! I don't know what to do with myself, not studying every day. Gasp!