Grayish blank spot

Hello! The last couple of days I’m having something strange on my right eye. I see a blurry-greyish area like a small spot on my central vision and it’s more visible when i’m looking at small letters. The think is that i had OCT 4 months ago and i was ok (no DME etc.) I also have moderate NPDR. Also when I’m blinking fast it’s more visible. Could it be DME or bleeding?

Have it checked out by an ophalmologist.


I agree with @Willow4.


Less urgent if it’s a bleed, more urgent if retinal tear. But hard to tell without seeing it. I’d get it checked out.

I have non proliferative diabetic retinopathy but have had significant -and irritating! - vitreous hemorrhages to both eyes over the past couple of years.

Welcome needles & lasers


I agree here, get in right away. Even if it is something, it is less scary than not knowing.


Never wait on vision spots, I would go to the ER unless you already see a eye doctor

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