Great Full Body Gym Workouts

Hey Everyone!

I was at the gym lifting weights and thought this would be a great place to put down some different workout people are doing/trying at the gym.
For example: I am really into using kettle balls right now.

For myself I like to use free weights over the resistance machines except in some exercises. Everyone has their favorite resistance exercises but it is important to work as many muscle groups as you can. Some of the machines allow me to do that.

I dont like the stair-master or tead mill rather I like the Nordic track ski machine.

I weight train at the gym. I’ll warm up with 15 minutes of intervals on the elliptical, then I barbell squat every time I go, 2-3 times a week. I consider myself a follower of Mark Rippetoe of “starting strength” ( And yes, I have all his books. I’ve most recently followed a variant of a classic 5x5 routine. I follow total body routines with compound exercises focused on higher weights and lower reps. The core of my workout are squat, deadlift, bench press, row, dips and overhead press. I’ll typically vary between barbells, dumbells and hammer strength plate loaded.

Intermittant training is the latest fad to reduce weight and increase insulin sensitivity.

There are a couple of studies about this. Basically ‘sprint on an exercise bike’ for 30 s then rest. until heart rate is normal.
Repeat six times.

However some people suggest to do this routine for up to 45 min for max benefit. Swim, cycle, run, handweights, in 30 sec sprint bursts.

Do you mean interval training, like HIIT?

this type of training has been around a while (prob has many names). Its basically sprint/rest.

I’m pretty sure some people are now tagging it ‘intermittant’ training.

I saw a medical study ‘report’ here on TV in Australia specifically about it, and Dr Seal a lifetyle/chronic diseases expert also referred to it as ‘intermittant’ traing.

Hear Dr Seals podcast here (about lifestyle/ his lifestyle program, and his reference to intermittant training)

hi bsc,
it is mid-day here in australia.

your time right now?

Hey Michael, its 9:30pm in the Washington, DC area. I looked, and of course another example of my boneheaded US centric view of the world. In my circles, I’ve alway used the term interval training, but I clearly see the use of the term intermittent training in Europe and of course in Australia. Sorry.

I use intervals intermittent training, just like you describe, 30-60 seconds all out sprint and then 1-2 minutes at a recovery pace. They say a good 20 minute intermittent/interval workout is all you need.

I recently got myself a TRX suspension system which is awesome - I’m not a gym person and this system enables me to ge a darn good full body workout at home and on the road.


You need to find a passion when it comes to gym/fitness as a whole.
For me it Triathlons, I am not looking to do it for a living but it is a great motivator. Swimming, Running and Biking. You get to workout to a goal so the gym is a tool to allow you to complete this amazing thing.

Just a block from our aquatic center, and a lifelong water lover, I go to a wild and fun water aerobics class once a week, then either swim if I can get enough motivation together, in the lap pool, or walk, with and without foam water weights, in the leisure pool, which includes a “river” to walk with and against, which I do in all configurations (forward, backward, sideways). If I’m in the water I’m happy.

I walk on the treadmill on an incline, which burns a ton of calories. I prefer free weights to machines, and I also do lots of body weight and plyometric exercises. Right now I’m doing the one hundred push up challenge. Hopefully I just have another week (maybe two) to reach that goal.

Swimming is great…
I do around 12-14k a week…I am luck that I work at a University so I can spend my lunch hour in the water.
I recommend it to everyone…