Great... Just friggin great

As if feeling “off” for over a month wasn’t enough, along with not knowing yet if I’m diabetic or not… Now it seems like I’m having hayfever too! My nose is totally runny and clogged up and I’m sneezing a lot. Doesn’t feel like a cold! I was so tired yesterday after work that I didn’t even had the energy to have dinner until about 9.30pm, then I was simply too hungry to ignore it anymore. About 1h after dinner, I fell asleep in the sofa while watching TV, just couldn’t stay awake… Slept sitting in the sofa for nearly 1 hour before getting ready to sleep. If it wasn’t for my contact lenses needing to be taken out, I would just have gone straight to bed without bothering about brushing teeth or anything. Woke up at 10.30am this morning, had slept for nearly 11 hours! :open_mouth: Still very tired, but did manage to go to the shopping mall for some grocery shopping, and to buy some antihistamines in the pharmacy and a anti-flea and tick collar for my Nisse.

It’s raining pretty bad here today, there were big pools of water outside when I went to and from the bus. And right now it looks like I’ve taken a shower with my clothes on!