So not good

My blood sugar was 59 at lunch today. Aside from a splitting headache that I attributed to working, I felt fine. After lunch, it was 350 (I guess I overcorrected for the low). The headache got worse and I thought I was going to die from thirst, so normal symptoms there. I did a small correction, and then a few hours later, it was 63… and I still didn’t feel it!

I'm so freaked out because I normally feel my lows happening. I do not want to have hypo unawareness (is that was it's called?) although that would help my case for getting a CGMS. Anyway, Today was not a good day, diabetes-wise.

Just needed to vent.

exact same thing happens to me, just headaches. Today I dropped to 49 and yes I do have hypo unawareness. I do have symptoms sometimes, but they are so different from the sweats and shakiness I use to get. I so wish for my old symptoms.

The worst days are those up down up down bg days. We’ve been there and it sucks! Hope today is better!

Hang in there, it’s just a bad day, it will get better!