Great Story of Hope!

Hi everyone -

I know how all of us caregivers and Type 1s struggle with this disease on a daily/hourly/minute-by-minute basis and there are days when we’re just plain tired of everything. Well, I know, in my heart, that there will be a cure within my son’s lifetime. Stories like this one give me that hope everyday.

While this post doesn’t have anything to do with the OmniPod - I thought I would post this story about a US soldier who was wounded in Afghanistan. He had to have his pancreas removed and immediately became a Type 1 diabetic. The drs. at Walter Reed called Dr. Camillo Ricordi, who is known for his pioneering work isolating islet cells from the pancreas. His research is very exciting! Dr. Ricordi told the drs at Walter Reed to send the pancreas to him & his team and he then extracted the islet cells and then sent them back to the drs. at Walter Reed. The cells were then injected into the soldier’s liver and guess what, the soldiers’ body started making insulin a week later!! He is no longer a diabetic!!

Here’s the complete article:

So this Christmas, when you are thanking God for your blessings, keep these fabulous researchers in your prayers and know that somewhere out there, a cure is coming!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

PS - don’t forget to keep our soldiers in your prayers too!!

That’s wonderful!

Wow- that is a really interesting story!