Green light :)

I just saw my endo doc and he's given us the green light to start our family. We are so excited! My BG's are finally at about 144 as an average. I'm working on getting the Dexcom G4 Platinum to help with low unawareness and so I don't have to check my sugar 18 times a day. So excited!

Thanks for the prayers everyone!

Congrats! That is great news. I am actually in the same boat and am looking into CGMs as well. Would love to hear how you like the Dexcom, that is what I am considering, too. Good luck with everything! :)

Congrats to you! And lots and lots of baby dust to you too. :) I ADORE my Dex Platinum G4. I had the Seven Plus with my first pregnancy and I can't imagine getting through a diabetic pregnancy without a cgm. Although I know some mamas in this group have done it very successfully (I bow down to you incredible people!) But yes, my G4 if fantastic!! A bit more accurate I think than the Seven Plus. Longer battery life. Color screen display. Fewer ???'s. Amazing range. Like, I can be outside in the backyard, with my cgm inside, multiple rooms away, 50 feet away from me, and it will still take readings. Having a cgm has helped me immensely in controlling blood sugars, specifically in catching lows (super common in pregnancy, especially first trimester) and shortening the life of highs (since sustained highs can be dangerous for baby). Highly recommend for any pregnant mama!