I love the Dexcom CGM

I’ve been hooked up since Tuesday and loving it. I can’t wait to do a site change so I can get use to it. I am loving how I can look at it and see what happens with certain foods. Who knew that something spiked me and then make its way down. Or will stay steady then spike then go down. I discovered I do get low at night! If it wasn’t for the CGM, I wouldn’t of known I go low at night. I love showing it to my friends and I can’t wait to download the information and print it out this coming week as I have an appt with my dr on the 22nd. I am hoping it will be enough info to convince him to switch me to the pump while I have that time frame to do so.

my DE wants to wait 6-8 months which I dont think I want to wait that long and do 4 shots a day. The reason why I switched to the Humalog 75/25 mix was 4 shots a day stressed me out which equaled to high sugar levels. Now i want to go on the pump while I still have the part time job and before I get a new one (if it ever arrives). If I have to wait 6-8 months I may not be able to take that time off and my A1C could go up! I'll remind my dr why we switched to the Humalog 75/25 mix pens and really push to get me going on the pump! I want my pump!

Today's lunch fingerstick matched the CGM :). I got geeky and had to take a picture of it. So I am looking forward to keeping my new best friend and adding to it at some point :).

I like your enthusiasm for the Dexcom CGM! I have been using one for about 4 months now and love it as well. You will definitely see improvements in your A1c’s. I almost can’t remember what I did without it before!

I’ve named it Casanova only because I am in love with my CGM :). It helps me in lots of ways already. Sometimes I forget to bring the receiver with me when I have to go into the kitchen and when I return I realize oops I was suppose to take it with me! And I’ve been showing it off to my friends too :smiley:

Okay. I want one!!! After reading this blog I googled the cgm and watched the tutorial on it and I want it!!! I have to get a CGMS done for this coming weekend. I get a receiver type thingy put in thrusday but there is no screen on it and then I get it taken out Monday adn i get the results on wednesday. But I really am going to talk to my endo wednesday when I see him for the results about one of these. It looks amazing and if it is going to save my fingers all those extra pricks then I am all for it!!! I am glad I read this post. And I am excited for you it sounds like you are having an amazing time with it. Good Luck

Amber just note it doesnt replace fingersticks but it does help you make better choices in foods, etc. The insertion of the sensor is painless and I do mean painless as most products that promises to be painless and there is a lttle pain. I am having a great time with it! The tutorial is the best that I found thus far. I can’t wait to do my first sensor change :). I would totally get one. I wished they had jobs available in my state as I would work for them!