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Hello my beautiful diabetic fighters. I’m extremely “pumped” up this morning about some news I discovered. (look over pun)…I went out with a man last night that was in the trial groups for the guardian sensors. From what he was explaining to me this special sensor actually has the ability to turn the pump off when you’re getting low and administer insulin when you’re trending up? Of course you still give insulin for food but I’m not finding any info to back this online. I’m concerned since he was in the trial group that this might not be completely released on the market yet. Any updates? I’d love to hear that this is actually available and that I’ve just been in the dark.

Here’s an update I just found while browsing. I still think this seems too good to be true…maybe I’m dreaming still? Haha any reviews on this yet? …

There are a number of reviews on here regarding the Medtronic 670G.

If you click the search tool (magnifying glass) towards the top of this webpage and enter:
as your search criteria, you should get quite a few hits.

There are a number of detailed reviews of user experiences.

IMHO there is no magic bullet. No magic device.

Some people like the 670G and some people do not. Reading through the reviews and the user experiences should give you a bunch more information on it.


So it’s actually a 670G instead of just a Guardian. I’ll type that in and see what I can find thanks!

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I’ve read a lot of really great things as I’ve searched! The biggest drawbacks I’ve found so far are the battery annoyances. Does anyone have any other major, big turnoffs that people have had with the system to point out? Just some that really stand out?

The 630g was a half-step in that direction, too. It uses Enlite sensors, but will turn off insulin delivery when it thinks my blood sugar is low.

This has led to some awesome fun results like not delivering insulin for an hour and snacking (because I wasn’t near a meter) only to find out my blood sugar was around 240 or so. Sometimes the pump was way too smart for those sensors!

The Guardian sensors work with the Medtronic 670g. It is available. I have been using it for 6 months, not in a trial. The pump uses an algorithm and the sensor information to give micro boluses if needed or doesn’t give anything until needed. It will, in theory, keep your blood sugar around 120. If I haven’t eaten anything, it works pretty well for me. I’m still working through issues when I eat, but I have more of a flat line to my blood sugars, fewer lows, fewer highs. Just got a1c on Friday, and it was 6.4.

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I’m hoping the Omnipod system will advance to something like this soon. The predictions on that have always been after Medtronic though and they currently don’t have a sensor that works with the pod. I do love my Omnipod so if they ever catch up I would be thrilled.

Absolutely. Both Tandem and Insulet are partners with Dexcom. They are both working on integrated systems. @Eric2 is the better one to ask what Insulet has in the pipeline in terms of Dexcom integration.

If the Omnipod is already what you know works best for you then there is no need to feel you have to switch to something that would really not fit your lifestyle or that you just would never be happy with.

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It is in the works.

The timeline probably resembles something like this:

  • time required for design - 6 months
  • time required for development - 3 months
  • time required for approval, hoop-jumping, testing, and FDA red tape - 3.5 years.

(only slightly sarcastic)

They started on it a few years ago, so maybe you will see the first iteration of the new PDM this year. The Dexcom integration will be a little while later. All this stuff is slow.

@Tim35, how long did Tandem take to get the Dexcom integration?

Good question.

Hard to say. 3~4 years maybe for the G4 integration to be released?

Tandem had the Dexcom G4 integrated with their first pump, the Tandem t:slim. Tandem then did the G5 integration with the t:slim X2 pump.

@Elyssia_Reedy and others, you may be interested in this recent podcast interview of Shacey Petrovic, Insulet Chief Operating Officer. She talks about the timeline for new tech.

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Lovely info, thanks to everyone.