Guilty Pleasure

I’ve said this on here before and will say it again, I’m sure. I don’t do guilt. At this point in my life I’ve learned it’s an utterly useless emotion. I either eat something and am ok with it, or don’t eat it. I also am always bemused by these posts from people who “feel guilty” and are “trying to avoid” certain food, going on and on describing them…lol

That having been said, I haven’t eaten sugar in 17 years and when I get some by accident it tastes disgustingly sweet to me. I get lots of enjoyment from the healthy yummy foods I eat. I also get enjoyment from non-food sources.

I really LOVE dark chocolate. I have loved it since I was a kid, but you could never find it. ( except on a Mounds bar ) Now since it has been touted by the "powers that be " as a “healthy” food, it is everywhere. I can even be picky as to the kind I buy. I like the 70% or 85% cocao. Maybe it doesn’t qualify as a Sweet treat, 'cause it isn’t really sweet.

How do you know how much insulin to take if you don’t count carbs, diabeez?

the term guilty pleasure is just for fun. Just cause i eat doesn’t mean i feel guilty.

ya, i don’t really like the after taste of ark chocolate… yuck

Me too. Sugary stuff smells repulsive. I treat myself with a trip to Hawaii once a year.

Cosumne Jan FTW!! I like that idea!! I am way beyond food guilt too. I just blast away…

A big hot out of the oven cinnamon roll with lots of melted butter…thank goodness I am not good with dough so this doesn’t happen but once a year.

yes Zoe! once you break the sugar addiction it’s not so tasty to go back. my treat is 85% dark chocolate. 2 or 3 squares. it used to be 70% dark chocolate, but that tastes sooo sweet theses days.

I would have to say chips, although I eat popcorn to replace that craving sometimes its just not enough to make me stop thinking about cheetos…Next would have to be chocolate, like oreos or a warm brownie…Then cheesecake, although The Cheesecake Factory makes a delish low-carb version its still a no no…

Cupcakes or Birthday cake and with that sickeningly sweet butter icing, not the gross whipped icing. Yes that is my guilty pleasure, hahaaha. I try to be really good and not eat a lot of junk anymore, but save it for a cupcake or bday cake. LOL makes turning a year older all worth while.