Wicked Sugar Craving!

Well, I’m definitely craving something sweet! I usually just bake something with Splenda and Sugar. But I’m feeling extremely lazy. I think I’m gonna run out and get a piece of Publix no sugar added apple pie. And I have to say that I never liked cooked fruit of any kind before the big “D”. But as my aunt told me (a diabetic herself) many, many years ago when I was young enough to scoff at diabetes–“I have to take my sweets anyway I can get them.” I mean she would say this about eating something like a peanut butter and banana sandwich! Or finishing the last of like 4 cherries! I had no care about what she was talking about. Back then!

And how many people, like me say a curse word every time they see a new sweet or dessert on the market that wasn’t there before diagnosis?! I do it every time! Like those Oreo Cakesters? Yeah, post diabetes. Damn!

Oh well, maybe I’ll just eat a bowl of Special K with some equal. So what do y’all do when you want something sweet? Just curious.

Well its been a on going battle within yourself to avoid the “forbidden sweets!” I sometimes cave in and have something sweet like 1/2 a bowl ice cream. This was back in the day. Now I try to eat something sour or get a cup of coffee from Tim Horton’s to satisfy it. I have had diabetes for so long its so hard not to feel like you can never have sugar. But being a Personal Trainer I am constantly telling my clients to stay away from sugar so it helps me and I feel extra guilty when I cave in to chocolate. So I choose not to have it and eat a dill pickel instead.

I make popsickles out of crystal light. When I want something sweet I grab one of those.

Good ideas guys! I’ll have to try them.