Guilty Pleasure

Okay I’m sure there are LOTS of guilty diabetics out there that have a sugar favorite like myself. And I would like to know what that guilty pleasure is. Don’t be afraid your Doctor won’t hunt you down, your only human. Mine is those swiss rolls. That’s right guilty as charged I love them, there so good. So… what’s yours?

The wonderful, buttery, flaky chocolate croissants our local bakery makes. I treat myself to one after each A1C conversation with my endo :slight_smile:

I just love banoffee pie - my local coffee shop gets in little, individual serves weighing 95g each (I got them to weigh one the other day). I save up for this rare treat and have one if everything has been going superbly well for a while. I feel deliciously wicked when I indulge.

Oh Lord, . Mine would would have to be ice cream epecially Dairy Queen Blizzards. It takes extreme will power to resist frequent indulgence but I only occasionaly fall prey. Hmmmm, this is giving me a craving, I wonder what’s in the freezer. I wonder what the correct bolus would be for a popsicle???

Now stop those thoughts… Must be strong…Must have will power!!!

I buy sugar-free Kroger popsicles at 4 carb grams a serving… They taste great!! >

God Bless,


I am addicted to potato chips.

Betcha can’t eat just one!

LOL. Anything that spikes my blood sugar. Pizza, bread, ice cream, chips…

homemade cakes,maple walnut ice cream, homemade ice cream, turtles, wise potato chips, dairy queen blizzards and ooooo PiZzA and whatever you can think of… Btw that why Im fat …lmao

lol im the same way, i like to go after something sweet after seeing my endocrinologist, it really does not help when there is a small cafe on the main floor of the building that has nanaimo bars.


ahh yes i agree, mostly in the summer, perfect cold treat :slight_smile:

I love all things sweet, and potato crisps, just like acid. But oh, I have to say I think bread is my main downfall, there are times when only a sandwich or a slice of toast will do! BTW I only have to look at a slice of bread and I have put on a kilo of weight, so it really is my downfall.

I have a lot. but recently I have found that English Chocolate is AMAZING. None of that american wax chocolate stuff.

Good and Plenty! Love those pink and white candies!

Me too

NANAIMO BARS!! I feel a bolus coming!

well my other enemy is mostly M&M’S THEY BEAT ME EVERY TIME!! they are perfect for my lows but when u have them in your bag they start chanting EAT ME, EAT ME!! but they are soooooo handy small finger food, and chocolate yummy.

chips are terrible for carbs but if you like popcorn you should get the white cheddar Smartfood popcorn, its like 21 carbs for 3 cups, its awesome when watching a movie. :slight_smile:

i dont count carbs. but still like chocolate almond milk with a handful of cookies when i feel like not caring,but mostly inject a few fast before i induldge,damn it i like chips also.ha