Chocolate. Whats your guilty pleasure?

i love chocolate. i eat it every morning with my coffee. its Belgian Dark with some kind of crunchies of chocolate on the inside. it is fabulous. i discussed this with my endo, and he said that as long as i bolused for it, "go for it" apparently, dark chocolate is good for D.

whats your guilty pleasure?

French fries

Dove Dark Chocolate. I don't feel a bit guilty!

Lindt dark chocolate, I don't feel a bit guilty. The other really guilty pleasure is good fresh crusty Italian bread, but I am not admitting to that!

deep fried goat cheese impregnated with Australian ginger over oven roasted beets OK, I know it's a bit weird, but it is what I am having for dinner and I have to say it is so amazing. but my real not so guilty pleasure is a piece of dark chocolate.

Me too. Or just about anything fried.

I am just trying to get my mind around the idea of Australian ginger impregnating goat cheese on a pile of oven roasted beets.

ps. I also like dark chocolate, it seems a perfect diabetic food.

Re chocolate, I've started eating Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds. They have the same nutrition info as the plain almonds but are dusted with a light coating of cocoa powder and are *really* tasty!


tiramisu - cant resist when its in the fridge. I dont buy it myself but my wife gets it. Once a slice is in the fridge I pick at it all day til its gone.

Love chocolate. The darker, the better. Healthy antioxidants in the dark kind. ChocoPerfection bars taste like fine chocolate. Only 3 net carbs per bar--no guilt. Have to try Vivani--thanks, Judith. Easy to make indulgences by melting unsweetened baker's chocolate with butter or coconut oil, vanilla & sweetener.

I'm with Pastelpainter on crusty Italian bread. Be still my heart. I'd rather eat good bread than anything. With a couple of glasses of red wine, I can handle a piece or two without a spike.

I just love that crusty Italian stuff, Gerri. Miss that more than anything.

valor dark chocolate without sugar. there is also a full sugar dark chocolate from a supermarket that is awesome. and cheesecake. curly wurlys and fingers of fudge when i get to the uk or malaga...the brits do good chocolate!

when i was in the usa this summer i found them and went CRAZY. half the bottle spiked me...

Last night I accidentally took a double dose of Levemir. Stayed up until 1:30 AM watching Halloween movies, then drank a DanActive and ate a Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin. Good way to use Halloween candy! Woke up to 143 BG this morning, feeling more stupid than guilty.

Crusty bread and Werther's Original, they make sugar free Werther's but they would take the throat of you.

Me, too. There's no substitute for crusty bread. When I was a kid, it was my job to get bread from the neighborhood bakery & fresh hot bagels from the bagel store. Incredible bakeries in NYC where I grew up. My mother gave me money for two loaves because I'd eat almost one just walking home.

Hi Gerri. I believe you have Celiac, and if so, what crusty bread do you like when you're indulging in a guilty pleasure?

cheese cake

Why do you think I have celiac disease?