Had a bad day (now with star wars references!)

so yesterday was pretty awful for me. everything started out fine but then antonio (who has reach disney villian infamy amongst the people in my life) had to open up that trash bin mouth of his. we were paired up together in the kitchen (aparently i’d drawn the short straw…again) to make hollandaise. chef told me to let him make one on his own first since he hasn’t finished one yet. so i’m waiting for him to do his and he’s asks me if i’m going to do one. i told him what chef had asked me to which antonio replied that he is good at doing two things at once. i wanted to snap back that i thought that was funny seeing as how he hasn’t don’t a single hollandaise correctly and yet he thinks he can make two at once. i held my tongue though. i prefer no drama. antonio, however, does not seem to share this feeling.

now, i have already had the joy of dealing with antonio in a group and thus far it has not worked in my favor. i am still in a group with him for another class and it seems that he’d like to keep picking at the scabs of that whole drama llama until it bleeds out. stand back for the flashback sequence…

a long time ago in a week far, far away three CIV students were grouped together to do a project about a restaurant. two of these students worked just fine together. the othercontinually stuck his nose up at every olive branch they offered him in their efforts to work as a group. the inept sith peon did not offer any help. and so our two young jedis of the kitchen gathered info without him. this jedi here wrote up the paper and printed it out for the class. she brought it to yoda who in yoda-like wisdom seemed to know that the sith-tard had no part in it. the sith-tard arived late to class and shunned the report that had so diligently been written with force-like zen. when it came time for the group to present, sith boy stood up and said he would like to present. the two jedi looked at each other confused and shrugged but tentatively agreed. as it turns out he had arrived that day to shanghi them! he had secretly written his own report which he was even so bold as to hand to the young jedi so that they could “follow along.” the anger of betrayl showed on this jedi’s face and she was not pleased. aparently yoda wasn’t either. for the tale does tell that yoda held sith-tard after class where he was scolded (and hopefully repeatedly backhanded by the force).

ah, but that isn’t where the story ended. we still have to write a review of the restaurant we chose and while i told him i was free nearly any time and he just needed to work out with pat when they both had a day off that we could go on he did not. and finally yesterday he decided to “ask” about it. aparently the only day he and pat both had off before the report was yesterday and that didn’t work for me for two reasons. 1) i’d like at least one day’s notice seening as my love is the one who drives me and 2) i was going to hang out with a friend i haven’t been able to see in months and i’m not rescheduling with her to eat with a guy who has been spitting in my face for weeks.

so i ended up talking with various staff and going home early because i was way too riled up to focus anymore. at this point i can’t tell what’s really making me unhappy about my time in school. i probably just let people walk all over me and then just get mad about it the whole time it’s happening. i don’t know. i just don’t want to fail because of other people