Bad day...!

I have had a shocker of a day!

I havent tested once, I havent injected, I have eaten way too much and not only that, I’ve eaten things like a cream donut, chocolate, steak pie, etc. I’m almost embarrased to say I feel tired and depressed. (what did I think…? That if I ignored it, I would suddenly be “normal” and no longer a diabetic!!)

I feel like an absolute idiot. I’m a farce. Pretending to be someone that i’m just not. I’m sorry. I think I need help.
My life a sham, I’m a damn mess, no good to man or beast.

I’m going home to sleep.
A lot

Tomorrow is a new day. It’s all in the way you think. Diabetes sucks, but it’s not going away. Try to change your mindset…I know easier said than done, but think of it as fitting diabetes into your life. Not that your life has to work around your diabetes. It’s all in how you paint it.

I know that you probably don’t want a pep talk at this point. I don’t plan on giving you one. Just wanted you to know that you have every right to feel the way that you do. I hope you have someone with a big shoulder to cry on. I’d give you mine.

Ahhh I wouldn’t agree with you that your an idiott :slight_smile: Sleeep it off and start again tomorrow… I’m starting agaiin tomorrow. Just after I finish this mars bar that iss atleast…

when I feel like this, I have a friend that I talk to every day on the phone, and she tells me “turn this thing around”, start over, do over. take one step in the right direction, and do one thing: test your blood and take a correction.

Take insulin! Sleep and cry and get mad…let it out. Have a pity party today. But, please take insulin! Start all over tomorrow. You can do it and have to do it…you are worth it.

(((((((((((huge))))))))))))) I don’t believe thee is one diabetic in the world who hasn’t felt like you’re feeling, I’m pretty sure we’ve all of us acted out on it too to some degree!
I’m not condoning blowing it all off because I’d hate to think of you making yourself ill and I hope that doesn’t seem like I’m lecturing you, honestly I’m not. Like Marie B said YOU can turn it round honey.
Just one positive, albeit grimace inducing baby step after the other.
Prick that finger, even though it’s everything you don’t want to do, perhaps that one little action might help just a little because you are doing something positive towards nailing this b*tch of a condition, perhaps putting that speck of blood on the strip might help, because it’s a step in the right direction, despite the result, whatever it is, perhaps the next bolus might help because you’re taking control, hopefully the sugars will come down and you’ll feel a bit less crappy and you’re doing one more little thing to change the way you’re feeling!!
It’s like that film with bill murray (what about bob) Its all about baby steps, I promise if anything came across bad it wasn’t meant to upset you, umm, basically it’s advice from a recovering burn-out who lapses more often than she should. You aren’t an idiot, you’re struggling, you’re not a farce or a sham, you’re trying to escape. Everyone’s a mess, no matter how together they seem and you only need to be good for you, or at the very least not so hard on yourself.
Hope the sleep helps x

Words always trigger movie lines for me. The word “normal”. I remember the movie tombstone with val kilmer. He played doc holiday. In the movie he tells wyatt. there is no such thing as normal life, there is just life.

So i figure we all slip one day or other and we continue to live life, our normal life. I think we all wear two faces as diabetics. There is us and then the us when we are alone with the Big D. I sometimes dont like the Big D me but he is part of me, dual identity I guess.

Im with you, some days I just want to do what I used to do when I was “normal”. I excercised too much this weekend and did not plan for it and I did not have a good out come. As I layed in bed Saturday, I got a big grin because I did something “normal” for a few hours and that was enough satisfaction. I corrected later as I should but it was a small battle that I thought I won. So take in the battle, correct and move on. Dont get stuck in the moment. take care you honestly think you’re alone. Hate to enlighten you but you are not.Sorry! Last night, I had a beautiful supper.A nice piece of chicken,salad , green beans and for deseart, sugar free fudge pudding.Two hours later I freaked out. I had 2 griled cheese sandwiches, a plate of left over pasta with sausage and finally a peanut butter sandwich. The only reason I didn’t eat more was that I was so tired I went to bed. Today is another day- we try anew. God Bless,Pete

Please excuse me Debi.Please for your safety, TAKE YOUR INSULIN!!! You are playing with fire and you can only be burned. We pay a price for our choices. Please do not compound them. I’m pleading with you.You are a very special part of, not only this community but to my life also. Every time I write to you and see your face I light up.and feel so glad I joined TU. Please,please do the right thing,for starters take your meds as required. I ,like so many others on TU are going through this with you.Remember you can get through this with help from your friends. Pete