New Pod User Tips

Hi All,

I just joined the ranks of Pod users a few days ago, switching over from daily injections of Lantus and Novolog. So far, I am loving the switch and can see much better control with my Pod. I just had a couple of questions for all of you more experienced Pod-ers.

Since starting on the Pod, I’ve had some very mild soreness at the insertion site. It really is very mild, and it only seems to feel sore if I put pressure on the Pod (sleeping on my side, etc.). Has anyone else experienced this? I’m assuming that I may have just placed it in a bad spot, or that I just have to get used to having something inserted under my skin for longer than the few seconds of an injection, but I was curious if others had experience this as well.

Also, I’d love to hear any tips, tricks, or advice from fellow Pod users. What are the things that you wish you would have known, figured out, or had someone tell you when you first got on the Pod that might be helpful to someone just starting out? Any and all advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance!


I have been podding just a few weeks now, and I had the same experience with the first pod I placed. It was sore and tender and when I removed the pod after the 3 days, and there was a small spot of blood where the canula was inserted. (No blood in the canula though). The second pod was much better and by the third, after the small stinging sensation of the canula insertion, I totall forget it is there unless I bump it while I am sleeping.

I really do like the OmniPod, after doing MDI for the last 27 years. We will see when i get my next A1C in April if it really has helped my numbers. Last A1C was 7.5 down for 10.7 3 months before that.