Hairy guys who have to shave their skin to use omnipod

HI Guys

I have to shave a patch of skin to be able to use the Omnipod, I think my parents were related to king kong or something! because Im quite a close resemblance, lol

Anyway, what I wanted to ask is, has anyone tried hair removal cream? is this safe to use to remove hair and then ok for the pod to be used in that area?

King Kong–ha!

I haven’t ever used hair removal cream specifically for clearing an area to put pods on. I have, however, used it for cycling/triathlon season on my legs. It has never given me a rash or anything like that, so I’d assume it would work fine prior to putting a pod on. I would recommend using it and then showering or really cleaning the area where the pod will go so that you remove any residue to help the pod stick better.

And for what it’s worth, in the past I had used Nair for men, but it costs more than the normal Nair lotion does…so if you don’t mind buying a pink bottle, you can save some money lol. :wink:

Heh i settled for clipping the area short, then using a razor in the shower… Letting it settle a day before i put an infusion set/sensor/etc in that area…

I built up the guts to go and get a pink bottle, haha. I will use it before I shower and then makesure the area is completely clean before placing the pod on, and most likely use some skin tac first.

Jake, I tried clipping and then a razon, but I find I get red skin when I do that, so dont really wanna do that and then place a pod on sore skin :frowning:

Gonna try tomorrow the removal cream as its pod change day, so fingers crossed!

I usually just buzz the back of my arms w/ a clipper as well. You are correct using a razor you might actually get micro-lacerations which can open the chance of infection (not likely, but even procedures like cardiac catheterizations are now being prepped with a clipper to remove hair rather than razing the area to help prevent the possibility of infections).

Using some skin tac on the area area after you’ve used the cream and then showered should make the pod stick great!
Hopefully it works well for you! (although in all honesty if you are as hairy as you say, it’s going to be pretty funny when you start having random hairless spots here and there…hopefully you don’t look like this after a few pod changes :wink:

Hahaha. how did you find a picture of me? lol

well used the removal cream and it went ok. used it on both arms so have smooth arms, 1 with a cgm and the other with the pod. kinda feel like some form of cyborg lol. specially since they are both wirless and sending out information about me lol

I never thought to use the hair removal creams for myself as using them in the past broke me out so that wouldn’t be cool for sticking a pod over top of that. I bought a woman’s epilator, the kind of shaver that pulls the hair out from the root so it stays smoother longer. Haven’t had the nerve to try it yet, still shaving the areas and haven’t had any problems from that yet. I think I’m waiting to settle on good spots first before trying the epilator.

oh god, the epilator!! I dont think I could, remember women are made for child birth! they can handle pain! were guys, and not supposed to endure that amount of pain in one go!! stick with shaving the area, lol

You see I’ve said, I haven’t had the nerve to try it yet…

I find i need to wait a day or two after i do the deed before i can use it for a site, a little bit of lotion or such usually helps things along…Bradfords right about it cutting up your skin a bit… Iv also just clipped, not shaved, and left some hair… if i need to put it on the site that day

Hi there! What I did is purchase a body groomer. If you have a bit of hair left, it shouldn’t be too bad upon removal of the pod. I apply lotion to the adhesive pad on my pod right before I jump into the shower. After bathing in warm to hot water, the lotion and the water seem to penetrate the adhesive and I am able to peel it off almost painlessly.

–Hope this helps!

thanks for the help, I have been using the clippers for it, and seems to work ok!, have been taking the pod off in the shower, rub loads of shower gel over it, and it removes quite easily, no pulling :smiley:

Hello Gent’s. I’ve just stumbled upon this thread so I apologize for the late addition. I’m a fairly hairy guy so I’m also limited to the sites I can use without shaving or using some of the methods described here. I use my upper arms, the sides of my stomach and occasionally the sides of my back. My question is where else can you put the pod where you would need to get rid of hair first?

I have to shave the outside of my upper leg and also the outer area of my rear end to put the pod on. You can also place the pod on the front of your upper leg, but I don’t have too much fat there so don’t use that area. Good luck.

Thanks, I tried the upper leg this once but I used a razor and it sucked. I didn’t know about the other area’s you described and will def. give it a shot using the nair. Thanks for the reply…

I have had this issue when I was using the medtronic pump. I had to shave any area I used it. I could not just trim the hair because I live in FL and in the summer you sweat a lot and any space that is not attached to you would cause the cat to fallout.

Make sure that you don’t cover any irritated spots. Doing that after shaving created theonly infection my son has had with the pods so far. It was nasty requiring rounds of antibiotics in our first month of podding.

I too live in FL and have had that problem before. About 8 years ago I was on the Medtronic Minimed when we moved from CT to FL. I only lasted about 6 months on the pump. I could not keep the cannula attached, although I never tried shaving the area. I was off a pump for 7 years before starting the Omnipod 1 year ago. I love this pump. It took some getting used to but I’ve never had an issue where my sweat caused the adhesive to come unstuck.

Iv had this problem with Dexcom sensors… had to shave, a little talc/baby powder, then wipe it away and then clean the area (iv3000/alcohol/hibistat, your pref), then use skin prep, and usually it stayed stuck for a few days. if it peeled id use a bit of opsite flexifix in strips to make a square patch out of the four sides of the circular/oval set…

Opsite flexfix is really good for warm weather/sweating…
I presume you can use opsite flexfix to the four (sides) of the pod and stick it on that way…
Iv also used Skin Tac but that can be a bit messy…