Removing Omnipod Ouch!

New to Omnipod & finding it very painful to remove the pod because the adhesive is so strong. Any ideas? Thank you.

I apply Skin-Prep before attaching the pod. I soak the pad with Uni-Solve when it is time to remove the pod. The pod falls off after about a minute pulled by its own weight.

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Can you get the Uni-Solve at a pharmacy? I use the skin-prep before and am finding it a little difficult when removing the pod.

Skin-Prep protects the skin and is not meant for removal. I order Uni-Solve online because I can get it online much cheaper. For me going to a pharmacy is a hassle in addition to being too expensive.

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I pre-soak the adhesive using a cotton pad with 91% alcohol. I do that before I do anything else, and make sure I squeeze the pad so that the alcohol goes behind the pod. The pod then comes off quite easily.I have been doing this for several years now and find it works well.


UNISOLVE is the best solution


Thanks - I’ll try them - running out of real estate on my body - rashes all over from prior applications.

Thanks - I’ll try that too!

I had rashes that would take many weeks to get better. Then someone on this forum recommended Flonase. Worked like a charm for me. Rashes disappeared after a couple of days.

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Thanks again. One rash is over a week old I’ll give it a try!

When I was first podding, I’d get rashes but that was because I was ripping the pods off like band-aids and pulling the skin. Have you tried peeling them off slowly, and anywhere the skin is a bit looser, like the back of the arm, holding the skin under the pod down with a thumb while you slowly peel back the pod? I found going much slower put an end to my rashes.

Thanks. I’ll try that too!

Found in the automotive section … “Goo Gone”. Will dissolve most any adhesive including CGM and pods. WD40 works almost as well. Both are GREAT for getting gum out of your kids hair!!!

Never thought of that. Thanks!

I used Zoff adhesive remover wipes. Rub the wipe over the tape leave it for 30seconds or so then it more or less peels in one motion - other brands are available. Not sure if the link will appear but there reasonably priced.

Thanks! I searched Zoff in & it shows Uni-solv by the same maker - Same packaging!


Compare prices to This is where I buy.

My best guess is that Uni-Solve is sold in the UK as Zoff.

It’s been years since I used an Omnipod, but I clearly remember having this problem removing pods. What I learned to do is to peel up the edge of the pod bandage, pull it slightly up and with the back of my fingers gently push the skin down and away from the pod adhesion fabric.

I know it’s a subtle distinction, but one that worked for me. In other words, instead of aggressively pulling up the fabric until the skin let go (ouch!), I slightly lifted the fabric with my thumb and index finger and with the backs of the three other fingers gently push the skin down and away from the pod adhesive.

I’d agreed. Hope they help to ease the problem going forward. I suspect one of the large pharmacy stores may also sell something similar/same too. My local chemist in the UK orders them in for me to collect but I always find the pharmacy’s in the US a joy to wonder round when I’m on holiday given the variety and stock available compared to the UK.