Hairy stomach

Hi Everyone,

I’m about to go into a Medtronic 522 and was wondering what some of the guys out there do for hairy stomachs.

Just the thought of adhesive and body hair seem to be very painful.

Any ideas or experiences?



Well it’s not such a big problem, although I suppose it depends on “how hairy”!

I’ve found that I can use a lot of area further around the sides and also higher up. I rotate sites around and rarely use the hairiest “danger zone”, but if I do then I just grit me teeth when it’s time to take it off. You get used to it!

Related problems can also depend on the infusion sets that you use. I was initially using Cleo sets and they were difficult to get to stick, especially in areas with any hair, and the adhesive was messy. I’ll confess that I did once try a radical solution - a clip with electric hair clippers but it was just too weird. I won’t be doing that again! Once I changed to Quick Set infusion sets I’ve had no problems.

Good luck with your new pump. Any minor problems you may have in the beginning can be fixed. It’s worth it!

I’m my experience with a MM722 was very efective star trying to find more sites on my body for example I use my lateral lower side back and center an lateral uper side of the butts. With the hair the adhesive if not efective and you would have to “remove the hair” in order to achive good catherter adherence.

Go hands on and try explore what option is more effective for you. Good look !

Most of the sites I use are not hairy, but I shave the few that are. The hair grows back quickly, the infusion set adheres better, and it’s less painful removing it!


Excellent question, Henry. I have been wearing a 722 with quiksets for a couple of years now, and I also have a very hairy belly. I know that a lot of guys shave, but I just can’t bring myself to do that. The best tip that I have ever heard came from a CDE when I was pump training: acetone dissolves the adhesive. If you take a cotton ball and dab the acetone around the edges of the set right before you take it out, it peels right off.

Of course, nowadays I am usually too lazy to actually go through the trouble of getting out the acetone and cotton balls, so I just rip out some hairs…but the acetone does work.

Sorry I took so long to see your question. I use the trimmer on my Norelco to “cut the lawn” on my stomach.