Toronto July 30th, 1921! Thank you Dr. Banting!

On July 30th 1921, 91 years ago, researchers at the University of Toronto, led by Surgeon Frederick Grant Banting, made the grand discovery of insulin.
This miracle hormone (and/or synthetic drug) became the lifeline of so many children and adults who would not be alive today without it.
Dr Banting...war hero...and hero to all people with diabetes.


Oh and THANK YOU Linda for putting this up!

From the archives : On July 30, Dog 410 is the first to receive the extract.
Visiting Banting House , London , ON next month ...our first time ..

Yes Nel...AND #410 lived!!!!!

Wow! Soon to be 100 years since Dr. Bantings' Awesome idea came true
with the help of Dr. Charles Best, Dr. James Collip and John MacLeod.
Hard to believe.

A Huge Thank You to All of them for my being able to celebrate my
50th(+)D-Anniversary. :)

Thanks Linda!! :) Can't wait Nel! :)

100 YEARS!!! A whole century!!....millions of lives saved!
Have you seen the movie "Glory Enough for All"??

Thank you Dr. Banting. So many of us owe you our lives. Me included.

My mom got a A+ on a report on insulin.