Happy Birthday, Insulin!

Not sure if this was already posted, but yesterday was “Insulin’s” birthday (http://mybustedpancreas.com/2011/07/27/happy-birthday-insulin-july-27-1921/). Was I the only one singing “Happy Birthday” to my bottle of Humalog as I changed out my infusion set last night?

The best Canadian invention by far. second best was the paint roller. Happy birthday insulin.

Cool! 90 years! Today I was responding to a post detailing how much better the newer insulins are compared to the older ones, which I know from reading posts by the “old-timers” on here who used both. I may be an “old-timer” in years, but I was only diagnosed 4 years ago. I’m spoiled and sometimes I forget that: I have meters and test stips that (more or less)accurately test my blood sugar whenever I want or need to know. The first insulin I was put on was Lantus and Apidra. For the last 6 months I’ve been on a pump. I’ve never been hospitalized due to diabetes. I’ve made a lot of changes to my diet but I still eat a large variety of foods that are both healthy and tasty. Diabetes won’t kill me. If I was born 30 years before I actually was, it would have done so, from DKA or starvation, which ever came first.

Kind of puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it?

Didn’t know it was insulin’s B-day yesterday. Of all my “friends” I owe the most to my vials of insulin. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INSULIN !!!

Thank you Dr Banting, co discoverer of Insulin :heart: Our hero :heart:

Don’t underestimate the True North! I agree, the best is insulin, but second best is ice hockey. Third is Molson beer. Then the paint roller.

And I’m from the U.S.

Happy Birthday!! Very grateful for such a life-saver!! Dr. Banting…thanks, you were and still are one cool cat!!