Happy fathers day

even though I'll never be one. Heck for that matter even a husband or boyfriend is out of the question.

Gary, but you still HAVE a Daddy. Something to be thankful for. I lost mine two months ago and this is my first Father's day without him. I am pleased that he is resting and rejoicing in heaven, but I still miss him.
Celebrate YOUR OWN DAD today and forget about the emphasis on your problems/perceived lackings for a change, dearie; Just for today

God Bless,

lost mine 2 years ago

Where there is a will , there is a way ( re the sentence you added ) ...I am a late bloomer myself :) A thought , be a Dad to a pet ??

Thanks the encouragement but its not very realistic unless I get well and even then its a long shot in hell. And getting well means eliminating diabetes. Like most unwed women say.. My biological clock is ticking! (for a cure)

My biological clock as ticked out HAHA; No kids, No boyfriend, No marriage, still have Type one diabetesw..but I am still feeling blessed to be here.What I do have is a great life, friends and family I adore, and the love of God to sustain me. My cup runneth over I am on this earth to what I need to do to help myself and others, You have every right to have a pessimistic opinion about your life, It Is YOUR opinion and YOUR life., as I am who I am and generally pretty optimistic.
Again,,Gary, Did you tell your Dad "Happy Father's Day"?. Sometimes it is NOT about you.
Try getting out of that me-me-me nmindset. Will help you as much, or even n MORE than it helps others. I am Outta this thread my dear Tufriend, Gary.. You have heard this before.

God Blessw,

My Dad died in 1997. I still miss him. I guess that never goes away. He was a hard worker, loving and always loved to laugh. He'd be admiring the scenery and suddenly just burst into whistling a tune. I've been doing the same thing since last year.

We dropped in at the beach and then to my Hubby's favourite restaurant.

Happy Father's Day to all you Terrific Dads. I'm hoping that you had a a Perfect Day. and will have an enjoyable year.

I had a great day but it was grueling! Some pump issue led to Mordor line on my pump once I woke up and calibrated @ 266, then it was nutso and didn't seem to be working so I bolused and took the dog for a 3 mile walk. By the time I got home I got a 70 on the meter, figured "it must be working" and had some chocolate milk, maybe 20G-30G of carbs (small glass, skim milk?) and we rode bikes downtown for breakfast outside. Also fun but was in the 60s by the time we got there. Bloody marys took care of that. We ate and wandered around and shopped a bit and then it was back home, still lowish and roasted carnitas (pork shoulder w/ jalapeno and ancho peppers, onions, garlic and chili powder...) and my parents came over and then we hit a frozen yogurt place. I'd run 32 miles since the Saturday before yesterday, 22 mile bike ride last Sunday and lifted a couple of days. And worked all week, drove the kid to her stuff, had in-laws visit 3.5 hour dance recital last weekend, all sorts of stuff. And our AC blew up Friday night so I spent all day yesterday getting the repairs arranged, meeting with guy #1, waiting for guy#2 to show up, etc.

Despite the Morning Mordor, avg BG in that 8 day period has been 87 w/ Std Dev of 26.9 so I'm pleased with that. On the downside is that I've been eating a lot and not bolusing accurately so weight is a shade up, despite all the activity. I think there may be some smoothing out I can do without houseguests and holidays.

I repeat ..be a DAD to a PET , no kiddng !!!

it will do wonders to you , Gary

Thanks, Gary. Fatherhood certainly isn't for everyone. Don't worry. Sometimes, pregnancy causes diabetes, but only rarely does diabetes cause pregnancy.

Sam, you crack me up! So funny!