Happy Halloween

First I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! I’m sitting at the door, my pumpkin is carved, the house is decorated & I have a big bowl of candy. I count how many kids come around & what they are wearing. Love watching the little one!
I was always so amazed at how my parents handled Halloween & my diabetes when I was a kid. Such a hard holiday. But I went out with my brother & sister & all the neighborhood friends. And many of our neighbors knew about my diabetes, so no candy at some but fruit or popcorn balls. But we had so much fun! Which is what my parents wanted for us even me with the diabetes. So did I get to eat the candy, no. We counted and tallied our candy. And my brother & sister got to keep their haul & I got a penny for each piece. (I’m sure my candy went to my siblings!) But I got to do something fun with my earnings! While it was hard not being able to eat all that fun stuff, I still got to enjoy the holiday,
So now I sit here with a smile on my face enjoying all the kids & of course my beer as I watch & laugh. Everyday can be such fun. So, I hope everyone is having or had as much fun as I am! Happy Halloween all you ghosts and goblins!


Happy Halloween, @Sally7

What a heartwarming remembrance! Thank you for sharing!

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