Happy Holidays!

Well I managed to survive my first semester of pharmacy school! Now I get a few weeks to relax for a while. Also I realized that I can actually upload stuff to this blog (I'm still relatively new to TuDiabetes), so I've decided to add the PowerPoint that I presented to my fellow pharmacy students after Thanksgiving. Of course, it's written as tips for pharmacists to relay to patients during counseling, but the tips are there nonetheless, so hopefully they can help you guys out. It does lean a bit toward Type 1 diabetes, though most of it is applicable to Type 2 as well.

Download Managing Diabetes During the Holiday Season.ppt

I kind of left New Years out of the presentation (I was only given 10 mins or so to present), but be sure to be cautious if you drink. Drunkenness and hypoglycemia have very similar symptoms and as such, can be very dangerous since a hypo may go unnoticed. If you must drink: do so in moderation, eat some food while you drink, reduce insulin injections a little bit, and check your blood sugar often!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the PowerPoint... most of the students who watched it found the presentation to be very informative. Hopefully, they'll have some answers to diabetics that may have questions about control through the holidays.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!