Awareness campaigning

I can't believe my first semester of pharmacy school is nearing its end! I figured I'd try to put up my first blog entry before the whirlwind of finals begins...

I'm a Diabetes Officer for the P1 (Pharmacy Year 1) class in the Academy of Student Pharmacists (ASP), which is the student section of the American Pharmacists Association. I must say I've been doing everything I can for the club. So far, I've assisted with various blood glucose and blood pressure screenings around Memphis, walked and donated for both the JDRF and ADA, and even presented tips for managing diabetes during the holidays to fellow pharmacy students. The hope is that they can take that and relay them to patients during counseling. I'm really proud of that presentation, since that was completely my idea, and those who attended it really seemed to enjoy it. Maybe next year I can get the word out earlier so more people can attend, and other people besides just pharmacy students.

Plus, during my Basic Skills review today, we did a Jeopardy-type game. One of the categories was diabetes... so needless to say I dominated that one! I'm rather happy that a good chunk of 3 finals and my lab practical will be questions about diabetes and its treatment. That's one less thing to study.

That's it for now... time for me to get back to books and PowerPoint slides.