Post Christmas/Pre New Year

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a very good day. Even though half of us were coming down with a strange sinus/allergy or something. The weather was horrendous. Hot, humid. Then rain all night Friday and all day Saturday. No chance to get out and get exercise and work off all of that wonderful food.

As I am traveling around the Internet, reading about various things. I am finding new and different ways to cook and exercise. I bought that book by Michael Geary for 6pack Abs, solely for the diet.

Then last night, I found what looks like it might be the kind of exercise I could do and my husband (the diabetic) might actually do. Has anyone heard of Isometric Exercises. I am doing further research.

Of course, I would like to lose all of my extra :slight_smile: belly fat. But this Isometric exercise also works on the neck and I need help there for sure. Also, it has to do with the deep breathing. Sometimes I think I forget to breathe.

My husband really needs to get back into taking care of himself better. We will probably go this Friday or the next to check his BS. See if doubling up on his Metformin has brought it back under control again.

Well to all a Happy New Year. See u all next year. January 1st is our 19th wedding anniversary.