GOOD? Bad? over the Holiday's

Well for the most part I was good. I did loose 5lbs. My BG's were all over(85 to 129 - I shot for 90's) even though I got up at my usual 5am too not break my routine. It did help some what but the diabetic 'gotcha' always comes in there and you just have to throw up your hands in surrender.

Our Christmas dinner is always Seafood Gumbo and I did have 2 bowls. My wife makes such good gumbo. It is just the flour in the rue that gets you. She came up with a new sweet for me. Strawberry cheesecake - no cook that is killer. Made with strawberry coolwhip, creamcheese and sugar free strawberry jam. She makes it with a pecan crust. She is soooo good to me.

Walking is easier when I am working and being off for Christmas Break(I work for a School District) is a killer. I did manage 3 miles a day every day and some days I did get in the 5 miles but not everyday.

We started back today and @18 degrees this morning I had to walk at one of the malls this morning. I will be able to walk at lunch and then hit the treadmill when I get home.

I hope everyone had a very good Holiday. Have a great year!