Happy Thanksgiving to All

Despite the the fact I don’t have much to be thankful for other then my folks (yeah I know I’m scrooge) and usually get even more depressed during the holidays I just want to say enjoy your day for whatever you may be thankful for.

Have a good day Gary. I hope you can spend time with your folks and enjoy yourself. This is my first Thanksgiving without my Mom and it is very hard, but I am focusing on my daughter and grandchildren which makes the sadness better.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your parents. I’m thankful today for good food, a warm house, good company and, oh yes, advances in Diabetes such as Apidra, insulin pens and the pump!

No official Thanksgivings Day in Canada today ; regardless, we can give Thanks every day …all the best .
PS …It looks more like a White Christmas here .

MyHotComments Wishing you a Very Happy Thanksgiving Day Gary!! :slight_smile: I hope that you are feeling Better.

Wishing those who celebrate it a lovely Thanksgiving.

MyHotComments Many Good Vibes Sent Your Way Gary!!