Harashment by indian police

on monday , i with others cyber-cafe owners was arrested by police for not keeping records which were maintained well by all of us,reason was one of owner argued with very senoir (sdm) level officer,nxt day officer ordered our arrest(section 188), we all were locked in a room, i told the officer that am type 1 diabetic and i need insulins and eatables nera me,but no body listened,due to nervousness and stress sympotms were of low sugar level, around 8 p.m staff asked me to take meal which i refused and requested for insulin, after two hours i was taken to hospital and my bs was 450,doctor admitted me and i was given insulin, when i conversate with doctor and asked for insulins and eatables,then S.I(sub inspector)came to know that it is different from type 2 diabetes,on that day i also have chest infection ,and increased without medicines , next day we were produced before judge and were bailed out,but i lost my weight and got harash for no major reason,…i am still depressed after that incident…god save frm indian plice

Sorry to hear about your terrible experience, Ravinder. Being arrested and jailed is traumatic enough but for us, the fear of not getting insulin is much more serious. I’m glad you were finally treated and maybe, just maybe the jail staff now understand a bit more about Type 1. I hope you are able to see a doctor for any follow up you need for your infection. Take care of yourself after your terrible experience.

I feel very sorry what happened to you. Its not just police, majority of people do not know about type 1 diabetes often confused with type 2. Its very unfortunate that the senior officer and the sub inspector doesn’t know about type 1 diabetes.

Take care dude

that stinks. hope they stay off your back

So sorry about this unfortunate and indeed terrible experience. Only proves to show that info campaign on diabetes is still limited and very important. I do hope you will feel better soon.

So sorry to hear this.

I have a feer of this kind of situation also. That is why I wear a Medic Alert around my neck with a short chain so it cannot come off. By grabbing it and showing it to medical or law enforcement professionals, the “Diabetes” and “Insulin Pump” printed on the medallion has made life a lot easier. When you are laying in the road after getting hit by a car on you bike, the Medic Alert medallion works better than words.

That indeed sounds scary. I’m also sorry that you had to deal with that. Not having insulin makes us completely out of control of our health and life.