Has anybody use the Humalog(Lispro)?

Has anybody use the Humalog(Lispro) ? or Novolog ? or Novolin R?
I am 24 weeks pregnancy.My blood sugar level is worse . And my OB suggest me to inject the fast cting insulin(Huamalog) before meal.
Is the Humalog(Lispro) safe to prenant women? Thanks a lot.

I never was pregnant, but we do have a Group here called “oh baby” that is for those who are pregnant, or contemplating pregnancy.


Our head administrator, MelissaBl is pregnant right now, due in mid-February, and I’m sure she could answer your questions.

Humalog is safe during pregnancy. Having high BG isn’t.

I’ve used Humalog for the last 12 years or so. In the process of getting way tighter so I can concieve and haven’t heard from any doctors so far that it is harmful to fetuses. I know that many pregnant woman are on pumps and so they use the fast acting insulin. Check out www.diabeticsisters.org and also www.diabeticmommy.com for more information and a broader group. Good luck!

I also use Humalog and, as the others told you, it is approved for use during pregnancy. If you are seeing high blood sugars (for example anything above 150 mg/dl), you should definitely work with your doctor to make sure that you can keep your blood sugars as close to normal as possible.

It is hard, but it is so important for your baby (and you)!!

Are you checking your blood sugar at home?

Thanks your guys.I do check my blood sugar 4 times a day, I would like follow the suggestion of my OB.

I use humalog for a long time and it really works for me. If is it safe for pregnant women? I think that if it wasnt your doctor wouldnt recommend it for you. Dont let your BGs high, because its damaging and nowadays thanks god we have insulin, and the best one in the market is humalog. Have a good pregnancy!! All the best, Fabiana

I have never been pregnant :so I could be wrong …my thinking is to check more than 4 times a day …maybe every time you add food to the body , maybe during the night , maybe every 2 hours after you have eaten …every time you start to drive your car ???..Melissa and others , what are your thoughts ???
I wish you well !!

Hi Aronmarsh,
Do you have someone who is helping you learn how much to take? Since the number of units should be in relation to the grams of carbohydrate you are going to take in the meal, there is a lot to learn! In addition, some number of units will also be designated to “correct” the high blood sugar. Keep asking questions of your doctor - and add an endocrinologist, a nutritionist, or an endo’s assistant to the team around you. You want just the right amount of humalog - and maybe they’ll suggest some basal insulin, too - some that works 24 hours.
Best wishes.

Yes, I do have a nutritionist,I sent my blood sugar results evey week ,and she gave me some professional suggestions. Now ,I have already been on the Humalog before dinner and Novolin N at bedtime. So far so good.However I need adjust the value of insulin constantly. Thank you for your help. All the best .