Has anyone else got tattoos done

I have been pondering over the idea of getting a nice simple tattoo done on he underside of my right wrist stating that I am diabetic because I cant use most of the bracelets/necklaces out there on the market as they irritate my skin badly. Does anyone else here have one? My dad seems to think I am crazy because “you’re just diabetic til you lose weight, stop the foolishness, that tattoo is permanent” even though I am “Insulin dependent”. I despise his ignorance to research my health problems… Ive tried explaining, “It’s not going away dad”…

Anyways back on topic… Anyone have this done or on another spot of your body, and if so do you regret getting it or did the wrist hurt etc…

Hey Katrina - There’s a group here at Inked Diabetics. I had actually written about tattoos for identifying ourselves as diabetics - here’s what I wrote "I was speaking to a few nurses when I was at the IDF World Diabetes Congress about getting a tat indicating that I’m a diabetic (inner wrist). They said that most ambulance/ER staff will overlook that - but wearing a medic alert bracelet or ID bracelet is still the thing that gains their attention first. As they said, every 2nd counts if you are unconscious, and they are trying to do work on you as efficiently and safely as they can! I thought it was a good comment, something I hadn’t thought of before. So, I’m thinking now of forgoing the diabetic tat (plus on the inside of the wrist, I hear it can be abit painful, despite us diabetics having a high pain threshhold). You can find the rest of the discussion at the link above - I think some people answered me.
Hope this helps and BTW I have one tattoo and a piercing - looking to get more - as $$$'s will allow - as well as whenever I find my next design (I’m so picky, picky, picky ). Psst, don’t listen to your Dad, I didn’t, and my Mum actually loves my artwork (I was surprised by that). Anna from Montreal - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

Yeah, my dad hates all things “unnatural”… So at a young age I started piercing myself, then when my parents divorced, my mum and I went and got tattoos together which made him furious lol… Im 25, his opinion in my life is now just that, an opinion, but it still hurts to know your father disapproves and is ignorant to the fact of me being actually ill =/

I have a lot of metal allergies, so it’s hard for me to wear the medic alert bracelets… I also have a friend who is a pro tattooist… so I kinda put two and two together lol

Hey Katrina-
I actually have the medic alert symbol on the inside of my left wrist. Having talked to a handful of cops/emts/firemen, I have gotten several compliments on it and they have said that they would notice something like it and like the idea. I will admit that it was one of the more painful spot I’ve gotten tattooed, but it was worth it. I too am insulin dependent and figure I will have the disease for the rest of my life, so the permenant thing wasn’t ever an issue. Even if there is a cure someday, I will have lived long enough with Diabetes and to have considered it a huge part of my life. Good luck and Happy Tattooing!

I found what I wanted as a tattoo and I am so excited about it.

Gonna get it done in bold black outlines but bright colours like pink/lime/purple/blue/orange etc… and in the ribbon have it say “Diabetic” and “MS” in the two sections. I figure it suits my personality, but also… the butterfly is a symbol of freedom, skull ofc death… it’s kinda like my own symbol for freedom of death since it tells them how to save me :smiley: Fits perfect on the inside of my right wrist.

well im 13 and already thnking of getting a small diabetic type simple thing on the bottom of my right wrist but i am also getting a purple butterfly the size of a dime on the back of my right shoulder why r u getting one???

Well Im 25, I already have a fairy on my back… I like tattoos, but that’s not the initial reason why. I am allergic to most types of metal and the medic alert bracelets I have tried literally make my wrist raw and irritated… and I dont heal easily… I am using the one I have til I get the tattoo ofc, but using it on the opposite wrist for now to let the skin heal.

Newly done today... banner is a bit blurry since I took the pic myself, but it says Diabetic and MS :)

Nice tattoo! The colors are great and the ribbon is a nice feminine touch. My first tattoo was a diabetic identifier as well.