Has anyone ever heard this story?

So I was talking to my Doctor last visit and she stated there was a patient(Wasn’t her patient);

two years after being diagnosed, who was complaining
about how painful her finger sticks were. That patient's Doctor asked her: "Well,
how often do you change your lancits"?

The patient replied. "Oh, you can change them?"

hmm interesting i’l try and change mine every once a week or something, or when i remember

My grandmother didn’t know she could change them. Several years ago I was visiting with her for several days and was changing the lancet and as complaining about dropping the needle cover. She said she never had that problem because she didn’t need to change her’s. I checked her lancet and it was changeable, but she never had done it. I had to show her after she had been using the same one for nearly who know how long!

Too funny. I know a lot of people don’t change them on the site, but they do get dull and it hurts more.

I change mine once a yr rather needed or not :o

I change mine when the mood hits me about once every few weeks.

Yeah, I have to admit, I only ever change Eric’s when he starts saying “ow” when I poke him. The daycare folks are better about it though.

I change mine maybe every 6 months or longer. I really can’t feel a difference between a new one & an old one.

Wow! I only do two pokes (perhaps three) per lancet and I thought THAT was “illegal” (in diabetes care terms!) (Just to let you know, I’m not new to diabetes, have had it for 31 yrs.)

Oh I hope I didn’t come across sounding insulting – that was not intended at all, sorry! I realize that they are expensive and that’s the reason I started reusing mine.

When first diagnosed I changed them daily! After 3 kids and nearly 14 years, I do it maybe once a month, or when I think about it.

If I start cussing cus it’s painful to use, that’s my trigger to change it. lol Or if someone else uses it…

Crazy… From what I’ve heard, a reused lancet can be left with traces of blood on it… and could affect your blood sugar readings… Please correct me if I am wrong… but that is what i have heard. I change them every time I test my blood sugar… which means I change it 4 times a day. Lancets are really cheap, but understand that they may not be inexpensive somewhere else

When I was first diagnosed I changed with every test, and my doctor was surprised when I said I needed more. Now I change them very infrequently (I think I am still on my second box after 15+ years) but when I do change them I remember how nice a new lancet feels, It’s like a new toothbrush or new socks.